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Hatesphere – Hatred Reborn

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Hatesphere – Hatred Reborn

(c) Julia Nikiforova – JN Lightning Photography

Calm, order and regularity? want of it Hatesphere don’t know anything and so there is once again a serious cut in the line-up. This concerns the position on the microphone, because in 2020 Esben Elnegaard Kjær Hansen left after ten years to devote himself to other projects. His position is now held by Mathias Uldall, who brings in some core elemental force without throwing a well-functioning formula overboard. „Hatred Reborn“ shows the Danes in their usual impressive form.

Instead, the Danes plow wilder than ever when, after an extended intro, the title song enters the ring and immediately increases the number of beats. Rough primal violence, death thrash sounds, the occasional groove and an angry frontman screaming his heart out set the tone – and “Hatred Reborn” couldn’t be a more appropriate title. The slightly heavier second half is just right. In the following “Cutthroat”, which Hatesphere serves up in its purest form, the fist goes up. Of course, the Danes still groove like hell, although the occasional melodic moment is good. Some friendlier shouts and screams are also fun.

Hatesphere show their best form this time in long format. Of course it takes quite a while until, for example, “The Truest Form Of Pain” gets going, but the acoustic intro could hardly fit better. Ass hits bucket when the martial bastard soars, skilfully accompanied by subliminal infernal melodies and rounded off by a mighty solo. “918” unpacks the thrash groove in the best Machine Head manner and shines with pure malice. If that’s too good, “Spitting Teeth” finally does exactly what the title suggests and immediately goes into overdrive. The budgetary sluggishness in the middle entertains.

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All in all, Hatesphere present themselves a bit more metallic on their new record, but otherwise do without big surprises. Sure, the Danes now know how things work and stir the cauldrons with growing enthusiasm. “Hatred Reborn” relies on proven ingredients, a lot of pressure and the best raw entertainment. Uldall does a good job and joins the ranks of strong vocalists, the overall musical suit is also right. Hatesphere stay Hatesphere stay Hatesphere – sometimes it can be so simple.

Rating: 8/10

Available from: 03/24/2023
Available via: Scarlet Records / Audioglobe (SPV)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hatesphere666

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