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He did not find his daughter’s father but he managed to claim the child support fee in Cipolletti

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He did not find his daughter’s father but he managed to claim the child support fee in Cipolletti

A woman searched for the father of her daughter by all possible means to nNotify him about the demand for the alimony quota. The man did not appear in Cipolletti nor was he located in another town in the Alto Valle but the judicial process continued.

The jurisdiction of the Cipolletti Family continued with the judicial process despite the absence of the parent. As described in the ruling, garnishments and withholding of a percentage of his salary were ordered. They clarified that in other similar cases, the child’s grandparents and grandmothers can also be claimed.

“The demand for food can prosper even if the father or mother does not show up, they are not located or they have even died”, they explained from the Family jurisdiction in Cipolletti.

They described that in the event that the parents are absent or their whereabouts are unknown, first they practice “summary information”. This activity involves making inquiries before public bodies such as the National Registry of Persons, the National Electoral Chamber, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues or the National Administration of Social Security. When none of the investigations yield results, Family judges can notify the demand by edicts and continue with the process.

“If the person has assets in his name or works in a dependency relationship, garnishments are ordered or the employer is notified to withhold a percentage of your wages and deposit it in a judicial account that is opened for the child or adolescent, “they assured.

What happens in cases where the parent cannot be located or dies

In cases where it is not possible to locate the parents, or their death is accredited, the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation enables to request food from grandparents and grandmothers. What is intended is to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents.

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“In addition to the Family judges, the public defense and the defense of minors play a leading role in food cases,” they highlighted from the Family jurisdiction. Given that many of these types of claims are resolved through mediationwhich in Río Negro is also free and compulsory for certain processes.

Regarding the data, so far this year, about 300 edicts of the Citation of Persons type were published“Some of them correspond to Family jurisdiction and include divorce proceedings, suppression of surnames and alimony, such as the case of Cipolletti,” they described.

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