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He Jie’s new album “Platus grandiflorum”, the main hit “Choice” is online to experience the sense of speed of road trip

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Original title: He Jie’s new album “Platus grandiflorum”, the main hit “Choice” is online, to experience the sense of speed of road trips

At the end of 2021, He Jie presented surprises to the Chinese music scene one after another. Following the official announcement of joining Sony Music, one of the three major international record companies, today (December 23), He Jie’s new vitality album “Pancodon” is the breaking theme of “Selection” 》Global synchronization is online! This free and cheerful POP ROCK ignites the ears of listeners in the silent winter, and shows He Jie’s brave breakthrough and always high-spirited musical vitality.

The preview video of the new song is cut from the golden sunflower, tacitly echoing the “vitality” characteristics of the album. The orange and blue contrasting design of the single cover is particularly eye-catching, and the high and full contrast shows the strength, and the color blocks are used to highlight the firm and straightforward eyes under the reverse color. As the first wave of the album’s main hit, only the warm-up highlights the “breakthrough” texture of “Choice”.

“Choice”, as the album’s first lead, was defined as a break-in single, and it was also the album’s first song to be recorded. It is inspired by road movies. The protagonist of the movie often goes out of the comfort zone of daily life for some reason, embarks on a road trip, and completes life experience, thought changes and character shaping during the trip. The melody of the song has a driving sense of driving, just how to clean the free and straightforward character. Fan Fan, the song’s lyricist, said: “This is like our life. When I received the demo, I felt that this song was quite adventurous.”

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In line with the forward and adventure of the lyrics, the highly dynamic POP ROCK is simple and straightforward, and the songwriter and producer Luan Zhuoxin has tailored it to him. The arrangement is completed with a short Pluck synthesizer sound to cleanly highlight the melody itself. The drum kit added by Bridge increases the sense of propulsion, and the blocky chorus guitar makes people feel the speed of a road trip.

The sofa sea is the symbol of the comfort zone, the journey is the symbol of life, and everyone’s life is the sum of various choices. He Jie is a very challenging heroine, brave and easy to deal with all accidents and setbacks. And He Jie chose sunflower as the visual theme to represent the vitality of this song towards the future.

Bellflower, as the conceptual theme of the album, highlights the vigorous vitality, and every song contains this most natural and authentic vitality, just how clean the huge power presented in the heart and voice. “Choose” as you wish, grow wantonly in your own season, escape from the comfort zone, He Jie brings fresh music and presents a brand new self!Return to Sohu to see more


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