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He said it was “genuine” but criticized the presence of the “stable cast” of the demonstrations

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He said it was “genuine” but criticized the presence of the “stable cast” of the demonstrations

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adornirecognized that the university march was “genuine” despite the fact that there were “members of the stable cast” of the mobilizations, alluding to the political and union leaders who were present.

«We respect everyone who wants to demonstrate, we congratulate those who, despite being the stable cast of the marches, did so in peace and without violence and without public disorder. We are satisfied because everything happened that way“said the spokesperson when asked by the Argentine News agency.

In his press conference at Casa Rosada, the national official stated that in the link with the higher education institutions “there is still a lot to go” and indicated that the meeting with the rectors “has not yet been confirmed”, but noted that “that meeting will probably arise, exist and occur.”

«The dialogue channel is open», highlighted Adorni, who stressed that “Public universities are not going to close.” «That is not on any of our agendas.. We are the greatest defenders of the public university. “We are going to defend the public university like no one else,” he said.

Along the same lines, the national official stated that university education is part of the government’s libertarian project, and reiterated the need to move forward with audits to make the accounts of the study houses transparent. “Part of the defense of the public university has to be given by the audits that are part of it. We all want the same”, he remarked.

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“We do not agree that an attempt has been made to convince a huge group of students who want quality public education, audited, and without the vices of the old policy, that we are going to close the university. It isn’t true”, he insisted.

Along the same lines, he remarked: “As long as we are in Government, public universities are not going to close, nor lower their quality, Not even that one day they turn off the light because they don’t have the money to pay for it. “That will never happen.”.

Asked about the possibility of tariffing benefits for foreign citizens, the official revealed that it is “a discussion that universities will have to have.”

Finally, he accused a group of opposition political leaders, whom he described last Tuesday as “the ghost train,” of claiming that the libertarian administration seeks to close the universities. “Let’s stop debating the closure of universities because it is something evil on the part of those who propose it. “A matter of great evil.”he concluded.

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