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He said that Judge wants to continue “feeding the crack”

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He said that Judge wants to continue “feeding the crack”

Myrian Prunotto, candidate for lieutenant governor of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba, got into the controversy of Together for Change and criticized Luis Juez for interrupting his campaign, traveling to Buenos Aires and try to prevent the inclusion of Juan Schiaretti in the national opposition coalition.

“It is an act of pettiness and selfishness to fight for the people of Cordoba to continue clinging to the crack,” said the radical mayor of Juárez Celman (on leave).

In a press conference offered as part of his third campaign tour of the San Justo department, Prunotto added: “In times when we have to be united to overcome the crisis that affects us, it is incredible that there are people who are still feeding the crack and even allow themselves to lose a whole day of the campaign to prevent what the vast majority of Argentines want”.

“Because of its breadth and because it is represented by the main Cordovan parties, our coalition has demonstrated its vocation for unity and that it is based on the premise of sustaining unity to overcome the rift that has done so much damage to Argentina. With this, we interpret the mandate of the people and, therefore, just as we have achieved in the province, we support the integration of the people of Cordoba into a national meeting space”, emphasized the candidate for lieutenant governor of Martín Llaryora.


On Monday afternoon, Judge traveled to Buenos Aires to participate in the meeting of the National Board of Together for Change, in which a possible expansion of the alliance was going to be discussed, with the inclusion of Schiaretti.

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The meeting went to an intermediate room after Judge spoke with the presidents of the parties that are part of Together for Change, and that he will present his refusal to the idea.

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