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He Saifei Shines at Premiere of “Chasing the Moon” – A Role Worth Playing

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He Saifei Shines at Premiere of “Chasing the Moon” – A Role Worth Playing

He Saifei, the lead actor at the premiere of the movie “Chasing the Moon,” said that regardless of whether he wins an award, the role he plays in the film is worth it. The premiere of “Chasing the Moon” recently took place in Beijing, with director Qiao Liang and actors He Saifei, Yuan Wenkang, Tu Ling, and Xu Ge in attendance to engage with the audience and discuss the film.

“Chasing the Moon” is an adaptation of the novel “The Past” by writer Ai Wei. It tells the story of a generation of actors who face challenges both on and off the stage, navigating the complexities of family, dreams, and obsessions. He Saifei, who previously won the Best Actress award at the 36th Chinese Film “Golden Rooster Award” for her role in the film, expressed her dedication to the character, stating that the role is truly worth playing.

During an interactive session following the screening, the cast shared insights into their experiences while filming. He Saifei discussed her commitment to portraying her character, even performing barefoot in winter conditions. Yuan Wenkang, who played a role alongside He Saifei, expressed his happiness in working with her and shared his confidence in their on-screen dynamic.

Director Qiao Liang explained that the film’s story of “Teacher Qi,” a renowned Yue Opera actor, reflects the complexities of human nature and the impact of family relationships. The movie explores the theme of parental influence on children and showcases the challenges of reconciling past mistakes.

Guests at the premiere praised He Saifei’s performance, with many acknowledging her as the heart of the film. The emotional depth and storytelling of “Chasing the Moon” resonated with viewers, drawing admiration for the cast’s dedication.

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As the film prepares for a nationwide release on March 8, anticipation is high for its impact on audiences. Xu Di, a close friend of He Saifei and a key advocate for the film, shared amusing anecdotes from the production process, highlighting the team’s belief in the project’s success.

“Chasing the Moon” promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and powerful performances, setting the stage for a memorable cinematic experience.

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