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Head in the Clouds Yunsi Miaoxiang Music and Arts Festival Asia Debuts in Guangzhou, China

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Head in the Clouds Music and Arts Festival to Kick Off in Guangzhou, China

The highly anticipated Head in the Clouds Yunsi Miaoxiang Music and Arts Festival Asia is about to make its debut in Guangzhou, China on September 23 and 24, 2023. This popular music stage, known for its appeal among young music fans across the globe, will bring together outstanding musicians from around the world, art trend exhibitions, fun games, and other surprises throughout the day.

After successfully holding four HITC Music and Art Festivals in Los Angeles, United States, the event will be making its first stop in Asia at the end of 2022, starting with Jakarta, Indonesia, and Manila, Philippines, for a two-week celebration. People’s Entertainment reported, “With rich and event-filled music charm connecting East and West, 88rising brings Chinese voices to the world stage.”

In 2023, the cloud party will land in China for the first time, bringing international culture to the country. The music festival will showcase outstanding musicians from home and abroad with diverse music styles, promising a fantastic music feast for attendees.

On September 23, Rich Brian and Ma Siwei, KnowKnow, Melo Molong, PSY.P, DoughBoy&TommyGrooves, FiFiZhang, Fine Band, Gin Zhuge Jing, Kuan Meng Kuan, Traveling New Bee Band, Fat Afraid Group Papunband, Rainbow presented by Liang Guohao, Sha Yiting EL, Spence Lee, Veegee Xu Ruoqiao, Wang OK, Warren Hue, and Zhihuobang Feezy will take the stage.

September 24th will feature performances by MCHOTDOG, TizzyT, Pharaoh, Adawa, Akini Jing, always_$ailor, BridesCrisis, Cacien, Ding Shiguang & Ye Xier, Derek Dali, HYBS, Jinx Zhou Junyi, Deng Zexi, KKECHO, MILLI, Xiao Lin Weiyu, YOUNG13DBABY, Zhang Yanqi, and Zhu Enchi presented by ZGODZ.

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The festival will take place on twin stages designed by 88STAGE, with CLO imagery in the middle of the stage and air-film balloons on either side, representing the various shapes of clouds. The iceberg backdrop continues the theme, creating an immersive experience for attendees as they celebrate the weekend with their favorite musicians. In addition, there will be various art-themed installations, including 88MAINARCH, WELCOMING CLO, 88BILLBOARD, 88MIRROR, 88CLOUDSWINGS, 88BALLOON, and more, where attendees can fully immerse themselves in the artistic atmosphere.

The overall sponsor, Harbin Beer, will set up multiple check-in points at the festival, such as ICE BAR, ICE POOL, ICE BUCKETS, and an ice freeze area, providing opportunities for attendees to have fun and receive surprise gifts. Various brand booths, including ELECTROX, Estee Lauder, xVESSEL x ROCAWEAR, MLB, Hyperice, PlayStation, and Xiaohongshu Music Community, as well as exquisite catering areas, will also be available on site.

Head in the Clouds is a global music collaboration project created by 88rising, aiming to lead listeners worldwide to experience the lives and experiences of Asian people. The festival integrates music and art, showcasing music, art, and multiculturalism. It goes beyond music to include fashion and trends, providing a platform for young people to express their creativity and showcasing the most creative oriental charm of the moment.

In recent years, 88rising has successfully exported Asian musicians, such as Rich Brian and Ma Siwei, to the European and American mainstream music markets. As the IP of the 88rising Music and Art Festival, HITC not only provides larger stages for its musicians but also collaborates with other outstanding Asian artists and teams. This open attitude offers a freer platform for diverse music content, enriching the audience’s experience. The festival in Guangzhou introduces the international music festival to the Chinese market and provides a unique experience that combines music, art, and trends, offering new possibilities for the music festival ecosystem.

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Get ready for the Head in the Clouds Yunsi Miaoxiang Music and Art Festival in Guangzhou, China. Join the party where music and art collide, where fashion and trends collide. Let’s celebrate together in this cloud party!

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