Home Entertainment “Heart Signal 5” pilot film hits Wu Xin to start the “detective” journey to witness the sweetness jqknews

“Heart Signal 5” pilot film hits Wu Xin to start the “detective” journey to witness the sweetness jqknews

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“Heart Signal 5” pilot film hits Wu Xin to start the “detective” journey to witness the sweetness jqknews

August 16,Urban men and women love social reasoning reality showheartbeat signal“The fifth season pilot film”Before moving in” broadcast.Wu Xin wears a shirt and long skirt with colorful hairbandsmodelingAppearance, elegant and quiet writing exclusive style. This season, Wu Xin will serve as the host, witnessing the heart-warming moments in the guests’ love with the other four detectives.

As a show that has accompanied the audience for 5 years, this season’s “Signal of Heartbeat” has added an online chat session, adding more possibilities for double-line heartbeats, and the increase in program highlights also means that heartbeat detectives are more challenging. On the way to the observation room, several detectives took the lead in opening the group chat to guess the identity of the test. Wu Xin, who failed to hide his identity, accidentally revealed his amusing interaction with his old friend Du Haitao in the punishment session, causing the studio to burst into laughter. In the interactive chat, when Wu Xin was asked what is the killer of a detective, he said that his life would be very vague, but when others are in difficulty, he can make suggestions. The performance of contrasting cute was stamped by everyone as “injustice kind of girlfriend”. As the protagonists of the fifth season, several male and female guests did not appear, but revealed some important information from a subjective perspective, leaving everyone full of suspense.

Previously, in another marriage and love theme, “Spring Day Going Again”, Wu Xin was recognized by everyone with her true temperament. In “Signal of the Heart 5”, netizens are looking forward to Wu Xin’s more exciting performances. The detective journey is about to start. What stories will Wu Xin bring? Please pay attention to the “Heartbeat 5” broadcast exclusively by Tencent Video.

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