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Helbiz, new safety measures on scooters

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ROME – Eight people died and 131 serious accidents, of which 41 with injured patients hospitalized in a reserved prognosis. These are the alarming data relating to the first eight months of the year recorded by the “Scooter Observatory” edited by the Association of Supporters Friends of the Traffic Police. A decidedly worrying situation that the major operators in the sector are trying to remedy. This is the case of Helbiz, a New York micro-mobility company present in 35 cities around the world, which is achieving considerable success with its new initiative called “Beginner”. The adoption of the mode that limits the speed of the scooter to 15 km / h for the first three rides of the user, is the result of an American study by Austin Public Health, in collaboration with the Austin Transportation Department. In fact, the research has shown that about 30% of accidents occur during the first race, that is the first time the scooter is used, and 63% during the first races, for a total figure that brings the rate of accident to 93%. accidents in the first few times the scooter is used.

“The speed of 15 km / h allows you to become familiar with the new vehicle and use it according to the law and common sense, both in terms of traffic and parking – explain to Helbiz – After an initial reticence, the novice users of the electric scooter have understood that the initiative is aimed at increasing the safety of drivers and all other road users. Furthermore, all our vehicles are equipped with insurance and, in every city where it operates, the company works alongside the police to ensure maximum safety “. The “Beginner” mode joins the digital one currently active which crosses the geolocation data with the photo of the correct parking space made by the user, to proceed with the blocking of the vehicle after its use. In short, while waiting for the necessary legislative adjustments, the initiatives of the manufacturers and sharing companies are welcome. (maurilio rigo)

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