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“Hello!”Mother Mother” is hard to see the producers and screenwriters say so-Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily Net

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Dong Jie’s new play “Hello! “Sir Mother” is not so popular, the producer and screenwriter:

Word-of-mouth burst is more difficult than traffic burst

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin

The drama “Hello!” starring Dong Jie and Yin Fang “Mother Mother” quietly started and ended quietly. Although the popularity is still not high, the evaluation is quite high-on Douban, “Hello! “Sir Mother” received a high score of 8.3 points, and there is a popular short comment: “Here are the bits and pieces of life that accompany you, and all the beauty and shortcomings surrounding family relationships are written. It has no miraculous variables, nor has it been concocted to be overwhelming. The tear… the sound it makes is so precious and so warm.”

“Hello! “Mother Mother” adopts a multi-line parallel narrative form, telling the respective lives of mother Ding Biyun (played by Dong Jie) and son Ding Xiaojun (played by Yin Fang), as well as the current experiences of the mother and child. There are no “Mabao”, “Devil Supporting Brothers” and “Vampire Parents” in this drama, but quietly telling the life story of the mother and son spanning more than 30 years. The producer of the drama took the initiative to abandon the plots and topics that were enough to inspire debates on the Internet, at the expense of popularity, but gained reputation. Recently, the show’s producer Zhang Atong and screenwriter Gong Xue accepted interviews with media such as the “Yangcheng Evening News”. Zhang Atong said frankly that when he was making family emotional dramas, he had his own scale: “Don’t incite public anxiety. Emotions, do not create social confrontation, and do not cater to biased Internet emotions. If you operate in the opposite direction, it is very easy to’commercial success’ or’traffic success’, but as a producer of literary works, I still insist on passing on positive values .”

Do not sprinkle dog’s blood, retain the original prose and poetry temperament

“Hello! “Mother Mother” is adapted from Bad Sheng’s essay collection “On the Cloud: 99 Little Things with Mother”. In 2018, Zhang Atong saw this book in the Moments of Friends. When I bought it and read it, I couldn’t put it down: “I and the author are both from Jiangsu. Many details in the book are too similar to my life experience. He hesitated to find a friend to recommend the original author, and bought the film and television adaptation rights.” In addition to the emotional drive, Zhang Atong also valued the market potential of family affection: “First, it has no audience threshold; second, its emotional expression It can resonate broadly; in the end, the original writing is very touching and true.”

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However, it is extremely difficult to make a collection of essays into video. The original work is very emotional, but there is no coherent story line; there are a lot of time, place, and events in the book, which need to be carefully sorted out by the adaptor; almost only the mother Ding Biyun and son Ding Xiaojun are the characters throughout the work, and the other characters appear suddenly. Disappeared again. “When we are adapting, we need to reorganize and design a story that fits the TV series watching habits. This is very, very difficult. It can be said that writing the script of this drama is a self-torture.” Zhang Atong said.

Finally, “Hello! “Mother Mother” breaks through the use of a three-line parallel narrative approach. The play actually tells three stories at the same time: The first half of “post-50s” Ding Biyun was under the wave of times such as the restoration of the college entrance examination, reform and opening up, and the reform of state-owned enterprises. He experienced divorce, entering the factory, laying off work, setting up stalls, etc.; “Post-80s” Ding Xiaojun can grow up ordinary and happily under the protection of his mother Ding Biyun despite being in a single-parent family; into the second decade of the 21st century, Ding Biyun unfortunately suffered from cancer, Ding Xiaojun quit his job in Shanghai to accompany his mother Go back to my hometown to spend the rest of my life.

The screenwriter Gong Xue said: “The original text is very simple in terms and sentences, but the author’s deep affection can be read behind it. This also gives us an inspiration, that is, we must restrain the sensational part and retain the taste of the original.” She described ” Hello! “Sir Mother” is like a warm poem with great stamina. “The narrative of this drama is always delicate, warm, romantic, and clean. This is the most difficult, but it is also the most proud of us. It is like a domestic drama. A new attempt-just restoring life can impress the audience. When I wrote this drama, my heart became soft, and I believe that our audiences are also people with a soft heart.”

“Hello! “Mother Mother” insists on restoring the truth in the creation, as Zhang Atong said: “The lines speak human words, the way of service is as close to life as possible, and the art setting also restores the real life scenes as much as possible.” The video part of the drama is directed by the director. A team composed of Cao Dun and photographer Jing Chong came to the sword. Zhang Atong believes that they have achieved the ultimate in restoring reality: “Photography, lighting, art, clothing and Taoism, etc., have achieved a unified aesthetic and ultimate expression. The script largely retains the prose and poetic temperament of the original work, so the director uses many long shots and fixed shots that are not common in TV dramas; the shots do not illuminate the actors, but render the atmosphere. These have become the current audience’s favorite. The place. The tacit understanding of the director Cao Dun’s team also impressed me. It’s very rare for us to start work on time every day in the early stage of shooting. It is precisely this tacit working method that allows all actors to have a real sense of performance. The relaxation of living.”

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Regardless of traffic, Dong Jie is the best Ding Biyun

Ding Biyun in the play explains well what is meant by “just being a mother”. Gong Xue said: “In fact, there are many’Ding Biyun’ in real life. When encountering suffocating and desperate moments, they have no superpowers to open the hook, but rely on their own clumsy power to make a way out. So the greatest thing is, Ding Biyun always had a way to survive, and in the process, she did not become cold, but always treated her life gently, accompany her son with each other, eat every meal well, and maintain good neighbors’ affection.”

Dong Jie starred in the benevolent mother Ding Biyun, this matter has caused a heated discussion on the Internet. However, Gong Xue believes that Dong Jie fits well with Ding Biyun in the original work, and she praised it even more, “Once she was deserted, she has been Ding Biyun from now on.” Dong Jie was not Ding Biyun’s first candidate. Zhang Atong initially considered inviting some actors with higher traffic to star, but in the end he chose “strength first”. He said: “After I exchanged ideas with Director Cao Dun, I still feel that this group of actors is better now. Because they are low-key and do not have those stereotypes, they are more credible in shaping ordinary talents. Choosing Dong Jie to play, the biggest reason is that she can I have empathy with this story and this character. I have sent scripts to several actors, and she gave me feedback the fastest, and her feedback is the closest to the original work and the temperament of the script. Now her performance is obvious to all, no matter the original author or The audience thought she was the best Ding Biyun.”

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During the Spring Festival this year, Jia Ling’s “Hello, Li Huanying” earned more than 5.4 billion yuan in the box office. The theme of “maternal love” resonated with the whole people. Zhang Atong said, “Hello! The original intention of “Mother” is the same as other works of the same subject, which is to show the audience the greatness of mother and the affection of motherhood: “It is a pity that we made the script and started the first time, but the broadcast time is relatively late. But after all, we It is a TV series. The shooting and production cycle is longer than that of the movie. In addition, we adopt a non-linear narrative. This narrative structure can greatly enhance the visibility of the story and the audience’s sense of substitution. However, the disadvantage is that it needs Everyone settles down to watch. But we can’t let everyone watch it in an immersive environment like a movie, so for now, this show will have some regrets in terms of traffic.”

In Zhang Atong’s view, “Hello! “Mother Mother” is a series of “delayed gratification”: “Our film and television drama market is so huge. There are audiences who love to watch sweet pet Mary Su, and there are audiences who love to watch realistic narratives. I hope our works can be shown to the audience. There is one more choice. When they want to settle down and watch a touching story, they can choose this show. At the same time, we also hope that the audience can change themselves from addictive entertainment methods (such as short videos, playing games, etc.). , Weibo, eating melons, etc.), and focus more on real life, even if it’s just watching our dramas with my parents.”

And Gong Xue said: “I think “Hello! Mother” is a’popular’, word-of-mouth burst is more difficult than traffic burst. This is not a cool drama, every character is a real and ordinary person around. Hope the audience After watching this drama, you can learn to get along with your family, learn to cherish your current life, and even learn to say goodbye.”

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