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Helmut Lang’s 2024 Autumn/Winter Series: Protection vs. Projection

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Helmut Lang’s 2024 Autumn/Winter Series: Protection vs. Projection

Helmut Lang Unveils Safety-First 2024 Autumn and Winter Series at New York Fashion Week

Under the direction of creative director Peter Do, Helmut Lang debuted its highly anticipated 2024 autumn and winter collection at New York Fashion Week. The collection, titled “Protection vs. Projection,” focuses on safety and protection without compromising individuality.

“We watched you move on the street, looking at your watch, and decided it was time to go home. You raised your hands above your head, pulling your hood tight. We saw your fingers spread out, reaching for your pockets, your turtleneck and non-existent systems,” explained a series of notes from the show. Do’s latest collection was inspired by observing people’s movements and the need for protection in today’s world.

The collection features a range of items designed with defense mechanisms in mind. Face masks, zippers, waterproof hoods, and ballistic materials are incorporated into the designs, emphasizing the importance of safety. Vests, bombers, and trousers are crafted from a unique silk bubble-wrap textile with ballistic reinforcements, while wool coats and down jackets feature protective hoods. Knitwear is also filled with padding for adaptability and protection, reminiscent of space suits.

The 2024 autumn and winter series showcases Helmut Lang’s commitment to prioritizing safety and security in fashion. The collection offers a blend of practicality and style, ensuring that individuals can remain protected without sacrificing their individuality.

Fashion enthusiasts and admirers of Helmut Lang can view the full collection on the brand’s website. The show at New York Fashion Week marks a significant milestone for the fashion house as it continues to lead the way in innovative and safety-conscious designs.

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