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Helping rural revitalization Li Yugang’s song “Wanjiang” Eighteen Cave Village MV debuts on the whole network-Follow Today-Hunan Online

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(Screenshot of the MV for the Eighteen Cave Village version of the new Guofeng song “Wanjiang”)

(Li Yugang took a group photo with the local people who participated in the MV shooting)

Huasheng Online, November 3 (Reporter Longteng Correspondent Zhang Yiyi) Recently, the new national style song “Wanjiang” sung by young singer Li Yugang has launched a new version of the MV for Shibadong Village, promoting the spirit of poverty alleviation and helping the revitalization of the countryside.

“Wanjiang” is a national style work composed by Li Shu, composed by Liu Yanjia, and sung by Li Yugang. It was released on May 4, 2021. Since its launch, the cumulative broadcast volume of the entire network has reached 15 billion. On the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Daily New Media launched #国庆版万疆# in the #这就是中国# network interactive event to open Great China in the form of gesture dance.

In Xiangxi Prefecture, people are familiar with this song “Wanjiang”. Many local Tujia, Miaojia Amei and young people who have returned to their hometown to start a business have spontaneously sang a cover in the “Poverty Alleviation” square, and @李玉刚 sang together. After learning that the villagers in Shibadong wanted to sing “Wanjiang” with him and were invited by Huayuan County’s “Party History Education for a Long Mile, Rural Revitalization” event, Li Yugang resolutely turned away from his work and rushed to the 18th. In Dong Village, not only does it broadcast live broadcasts for the villagers, sell local bacon, firewood fish and other agricultural and sideline products, as well as handmade jewelry from ethnic minorities, but also sing “Wanjiang” with the enthusiastic masses, and filmed the “Eighteen Cave Village Edition” here. “The MV includes the folk customs, green waters and mountains, hard work and honesty one by one in the screen.

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Li Yugang said that he hopes to tell the story of Shibadong Village to more people through the lens of MV, so that people can understand Huayuan County, walk into Huayuan County, pay attention to rural revitalization, and integrate the red spirit into the national style music of the new era. The influence of music and the appeal of music have realized multiple assistance and promotion for rural revitalization.

It is understood that Li Yugang was also awarded the title of “Huayuan County Cultural Tourism Promotion Ambassador” in the series of events held in July of this year for the 18-dong Restart · Rural Revitalization Industry Press Conference.


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