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Hermès Spring/Summer 2023: A Desert Carnival | Hermès | Spring/Summer 2023 | Paris Fashion Week

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Hermès Spring/Summer 2023: A Desert Carnival | Hermès | Spring/Summer 2023 | Paris Fashion Week

In the unique desert modernism style, lost in the mirage of the Hermès desert, she is as fearless as ever, looking for inner emotional plumpness and satisfaction.

“Deserts are gods without people.”

In the endless desert, the sun is burning in the daytime, but the plants with tenacious vitality are still rooted here, and every day there are teams who trek to leave their footprints on the yellow sand; The sound of light breathing and the clear starry sky above, the desert is so unpredictable.

Hermès Spring/Summer 2023 women’s collection recreates an ethereal and light desert picture, and those dancing figures, like mirages in the desert, have a mysterious attraction: the origin and inspiration of equestrianism are transferred to the special A long journey belonging to the western world slowly began in the California desert with the landform.

  In the desert, with the passage of time, the changes of light and shadow will also change. Just like the show scene with minimal style but full of variables, the “desert” created by the interaction of lighting rendering effects and special materials “The setting, which continues from the head of the show to the tail, simulates the sunrise and sunset of a day in the desert, andbesideThe gradation of the sky in the evening, the constantly changing light reflects and mixes the main colors of this spring and summer series, with a little free nature of “horseback nomads”, announcing that a desert carnival is coming.

The entire series is inextricably linked to nature, and the desert is undoubtedly the protagonist. The colors of natural elements such as sand, earth, and sunset have become the main colors of this season. In a relaxed and relaxed state, the unique scene that can be called “mirage” in the desert is interpreted:

The soft sound of the back mountain is chasing the pace of the dawn, and “she” in the desert is looking for the source of the echo in the dawn. She has never felt so beautiful. The sound floats in layers. When approaching the magic mountain, the air is filled with strange power. Multiple changes are assembled here: colors dance with the landscape, hot reds, sulphur yellows move, flicker, dissolve like liquefaction.

As the protagonist of the story, “she” is as fearless as ever in the ever-changing environment, looking for the plumpness and satisfaction of her inner emotions. She was in the middle, hoping that this short camping back to nature would give her the long-awaited filling. So, she cleverly chose to dress to satisfy her fantasy of the desert dance: simply ocher, ebony, light brown and desert brown. There is also the morning pink at dawn, keep it before the refreshing dissipates.

Everyone will marvel at the excess romance of the Western California desert: all the way to the west, the sun sets in the west, the desert itself is constantly changing, it is no longer what you see it every time, it is part of the landscape , is also part of the constant repetition or change.

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Under the same setting and visual system, Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, Creative Director of Hermès Women’s World, chose to sculpt everything on the desert by presenting casual details: off-the-shoulder tailoring and irregular hem, colors that represent the alternation of dawn and morning Block splicing and exquisite hollowing out gradually enrich the image and charm of “her”.

Continuing the lightness of Hermès as always, all ways of dressing show an effortless elegance: the garments appear to be cut straight from a netting, a hammock or a screen window, slender at the same time as the attire is flying like a flag; highly recognizable The “H” logo of the dress has also been applied to the tailoring and hollowing out of the ready-to-wear, echoing with the skirts of color splicing and combination, composing a graceful song when the dawn and the dawn meet.

Her trousers, shorts and jackets echo tent elements, taking into account the practicality of modernism, and these fabrics, usually used for body protection, have different meanings in different contexts. And she uses knitting ropes as an intermediary, so that the clothing can communicate with the outside world and living beings.

The dark red weaving and smudged texture resembles the landscape of the California desert when day and night meet in the evening. While depicting the contrast between sunrise and sunset, the looming texture emerges.

In the middle of the night, the color of the clothing changed from the simple and colorful colors of the desert in the daytime to black as the main color. In the pure and lonely desert hinterland at night, she was wrapped in a three-dimensional printed dress, her figure and lines were perfectly blended, and she finally started a throbbing and joyful inner journey.

The three-dimensional print pattern, inspired by Hermès’ equestrian archives, adds a touch of bohemian style. A bohemian style that retains a certain nomadic character, usually characterized by a fusion of different layers, batik prints, leather tassels, handmade twine knots, and embroidered beads, which are all bohemian styles. Classic elements represent an unprecedented romanticization, folklore and liberalization.

Between chance and coincidence, her bohemian romance blooms on fabrics with a strong three-dimensional feel, along with the colors that represent the changing sky in the desert from sunrise to sunset within a day.

California’s coastal deserts have the most distinctive features compared to other deserts on Earth. From San Jose to Los Angeles along Highway 1 by the sea, at the middle point is the famous city of San Luis Obispo. From here to the south, there are five small towns: Avila Beach, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, Grove Beach and Oceano. Oceano in Spanish means “ocean”. It is about three kilometers wide and three long from the seaside to the side of the road. Ten kilometers is an endless desert, but the natural vitality of the wild ecology here is extremely strong. The locals describe it as “birds will lay eggs and grass will bloom”.

The prints constructed from the active colors of these natural creations have become a highlight of the Hermès Spring/Summer 2023 womenswear collection. Like the hot sun shining on the seaside and desert of Southern California, it is comfortable and casual.

At the same time, the Roman weave style sandals are given a thick sole with a hollow feeling; the plush trim of the bucket bag finds a balance in the style collision;

Also worth mentioning are the irregularly tailored dresses and shawls, hand-stitched yarns and beads that shimmer with restrained light: unlike the sequins that are commonly used, this material is more Hermès-inspired, but it stands out. It is eye-catching and exaggerated, and at the same time outlines the natural features and landform texture of California’s soft sunshine and coarse ore sand.

Sleeping rough, dancing, feeling boundless—as a philosopher who doesn’t deny magic once called it California glamour…

Follow her footsteps and start a joyful inner journey that throbs the heart. The desert dance and the layered colorful fabrics satisfy their own fantasy, and the knitting decorations adorn the front of the body. In the unique desert modernism style, lost in the mirage of the Hermès desert, she is as fearless as ever, looking for inner emotional plumpness and satisfaction.

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