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Himalaya Pegasus Animation Theater and Disney Cooperate to Launch “Disney Girl Stories Collection”_Industry_Technology Channel Home_Financial Network- CAIJING.COM.CN

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Himalaya Pegasus Animation Theater and Disney Cooperate to Launch “Disney Girl Stories Collection”_Industry_Technology Channel Home_Financial Network- CAIJING.COM.CN

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2022-11-28 15:09

Recently, the 2022 Himalaya 123 Carnival is in full swing, and the “Disney Girl Stories Collection” officially authorized by Disney is also officially launched. 15 classic Disney stories are staged in turn, showing 15 legends who are independent, confident, brave, wise, and kind. girl. This is another masterpiece of the Himalayan Pegasus Animation Theater. With selected stories, sophisticated production and rich content, it will bring children a magical and wonderful story journey.

15a household namegirlfor loveandto dreameffort

The “Disney Girls Stories Collection” series contains 15 well-known classic animated stories, including “Frozen”, “Tangled”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “The Little Mermaid” Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, etc., many works have been recognized by Oscars, Annie and other international awards. The protagonists in the story are independent, confident, brave and strong, each with their own unique personality, shining with a unique “princess power”.

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In the story of “Frozen”, in the kingdom of Arendelle surrounded by the sea, there are two lovely and beautiful little princesses: Elsa and Anna. Elsa was born with the magic of making ice and snow, but her magic accidentally got out of control, and Arendelle fell into a terrible cold. Aisha fled to Beishan in a panic, and Anna chased after her alone. During this adventurous trip, they met new partners, but also encountered great danger…

In the story of “Mulan”, as the daughter of the Hua family, Mulan has a bright and straightforward personality, but the most urgent thing for her parents is to help her find a good home. But at this moment, news of the northern Huns’ invasion came. The imperial court called together the strong men from every household. Mulan couldn’t bear the battle of her elderly and disabled father, so she decided to disguise herself as a man and join the army instead. After joining the army, Mulan overcame many difficulties and tests with her strong will and perseverance. Her spirit also moved her comrades in the army and established friendship. But unexpectedly, when they rushed to the battlefield, Mulan was discovered the identity of the woman…

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In addition, there is Princess Rapunzel who bravely stepped out of the tower and pursued her dreams, and there is the little princess Sophia who tells the story of an ordinary girl transforming into a real princess, and Aladdin fights against the evil Princess Jasmine, and breaks the curse of the witch with kindness. Aurora, Cinderella who insists on benevolence and kindness, Snow White who is beautiful and pure, Ariel, the little mermaid who goes forward bravely for love, Princess Bell who is independent and confident, and has a clear heart, Alice, who is full of curiosity and loves fantasy, and the girl who makes unremitting efforts for her dreams Diana, Moana who is tenacious and moving forward for love, and Laya who is desperate to save Nine Dragons Blessing…

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The 15 girls have very different personalities, but they all choose to set out for love and fight for their dreams. These wonderful, interesting and positive stories will definitely let children develop wisdom and a sense of justice while listening.

Boutique contentandmakeCreate an immersive fantasy experience

Stories are the art of mobilizing imagination, and “Disney Girls Stories Collection” is a boutique story specially created by Himalaya for children! In order to finally present the best results to the children, the Himalaya production team has gone through meticulous polishing in terms of content, post-production, and presentation of the work.

In terms of content production, on the premise of respecting the original work and not changing the plot and character of the characters, the Himalayan production team split the animation story into short stories with a duration of about 5 minutes per episode according to the rhythm that is most suitable for children to listen to. Each story has its own succession, suspense, and interlocking, so that children want to keep listening after hearing it.

In the post-dubbing, the Himalaya content team went through multiple rounds of screening, and finally selected the dubbing teacher who is most suitable for the Disney story style, and maintained high-frequency communication with the production team, repeatedly revised, and strived for perfection. The purpose is to keep the style of the Disney audio drama consistent with the original soundtrack of the animation, and the music and sound effects can accurately match the plot direction, enhance the atmosphere of the story, and eliminate unnecessary and redundant foreshadowing and interference. In addition, the production team also took the main plot as an entry point, created a “Happy Growth Small Theater” that complements the main plot of the story, and refined the educational points in the story that can help children cultivate their literacy, entertaining and entertaining, and strengthening parent-child interaction between.

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“Disney Girl Stories Collection” uses high-quality content, high-quality production, and high-quality presentation to create an immersive fantasy experience for children. It is hoped that a seed of truth, kindness and beauty will be planted in the hearts of children, and it will gradually grow into a warm life for children. energy.

Mom keeps giving good reviewschildren grow up happily

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Since the album was launched, it has received the love of many children and praise from mothers.

User Yuanqi Lemon commented: I like every Disney princess. Not only is each princess beautiful in appearance, but more importantly, they all have a heart like gold and dare to face the problems they encounter. I have watched the animation many times, and now there is a radio drama story, I can listen to it every day when I have free time, the anchor performed very well, I forgot the time when I listened to it, five-star praise!

The user cheerleader commented: The 5-year-old child likes it very much, especially the little princess Sophia. Each episode has a very meaningful story setting, which is relaxed and interesting, and it can also let the child learn many educational points. . I hope to update more, we can listen to many episodes every day.

User Happy Kid commented: I listen to it with my child every day before going to bed. My child’s favorite is the story of Frozen, and he will actively ask to read the book of “Frozen”. There seem to be countless questions in his head that he wants to ask. Ha ha. Thank you for these stories and princesses, accompanying children’s childhood growth.


These praises from children and mothers are the greatest affirmation and encouragement for “Disney Girls Stories Collection”, and also an important driving force for Himalaya Children’s Channel to continue to output high-quality content.

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Pegasus Animation Theater, which launched the “Disney Girls Stories Collection” this time, is a sound animation label specially created for children, and is committed to creating “audible animation”. At present, many animation IPs that are loved by children, such as Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Undersea Column, Transformers, and Ultraman, have been introduced. Through immersive story interpretation and diverse animation themes, different parent-child groups can meet the needs of animation. Various needs for content. In “Disney Girl Stories Collection”, Pegasus Animation Theater and Disney have joined forces to bring users the world‘s top high-level audio stories. In the future, Himalaya will also cooperate with more partners in the animation industry to bring more exciting sound animations to users.

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In recent years, Himalaya has continued to cooperate with international publishing organizations and content copyright parties, including Penguin Random House, Oxford University Press, National Geographic, TED, BBC, Blizzard Entertainment, etc., and successively launched the Chinese-English bilingual audiobook of “Magic Tree House” , “Oxford Tree Beginner to Advanced”, “Little Explorer Bilingual Encyclopedia”, “TED English Speech”, “BBC Portable English”, “World of Warcraft” and other high-quality international IP content. This year, Himalaya reached a cooperation with the international publisher Pottermore Publishing to launch the world‘s first Chinese audiobook of “Harry Potter”. The “Disney Girls Stories Collection” officially authorized by Disney this time is another major breakthrough made by Himalaya in the introduction of international IP.

picture 8

In addition to the “Disney Girl Stories Collection”, this year’s 123 Carnival also launched more exciting content for different users, including the annual course “100 Lectures on the Road to Civilization”, the audio drama “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, “Family Wealth Growth” Plan” etc. This year’s 123 Carnival coincides with the World Cup. For this reason, Himalaya also specially launched “When the Football Stars Shine”, “C Ronaldo Biography”, “Messi Biography” and other content, so that football fans can watch the World Cup while enjoying Listen to the exciting stories behind the stars.As for the English version of “Harry Potter”, “Monman’s Talk”<红楼梦>“, “Ghost Blowing the Lantern 2” and other high-quality paid content that have been widely loved by listeners in the past, Himalaya has prepared a super value discount of up to 40% for listeners. From November 21st to December 18th, users can search for “123 Carnival” in Himalayas to participate in the event and enjoy surprise discounts.

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