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HIRAES – Dormant

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HIRAES – Dormant

(Melodic Death Metal)

Label: Napalm Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 26.01.2024

It didn’t take long after DAWN OF DISEASE split up after their last strong work “Procession Of Ghosts” and reunited under the name HIRAES. Only singer Tomasz Wisniewski was no longer involved and continues to work with NYKTOPHOBIA. Instead, Britta Görtz from CRIPPER and CRITICAL MESS got behind the microphone and shouted the successful debut “Solitary”. Two and a half years later, the Germans are now following up with “Dormant”.

And the second one also has a lot to offer. The first melodic death songs “Through The Storm” and “We Owe No One” are technically sophisticated bangers that are reminiscent of ARCH ENEMY, but also have their own charm and show what the band can do. Furthermore, this reference isn’t the worst, especially since HIRAES doesn’t have to hide from the Swedes’ current work either musically, songwriter-wise or in terms of production. Of course Britta does the rest and shows once again that she is the best female growler in Germany. With “Undercurrent”, which not only slows down the pace, but also represents a small break, as the frontwoman initially ensnares the listener with clean vocals, she underlines this again anyway. With the clean guitars in combination, the whole thing also looks subtly in the core direction. There are also nasty blast beats and haunting spoken words in the anti-war drama “Red Soil” and the final title track sets off another skilful melodic firework display to sing along to.

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So variety is provided and otherwise you can’t really criticize “Dormant” much. Fast hits like “Chance To Fail”, which goes in the direction of DARK TRANQUILITY, the extremely anthemic “Ocean Child” or the angry carnage “Nightflight”, which is also short on melodies, are further striking reasons to keep HIRAES in mind as a genre fan to keep.

So we have an absolute highlight in this young year. Technically demanding, yet catchy, direct and playful, HIRAES show that there is still a lot to be had in this no longer young genre, as long as you dare to do something. A must-have for fans of the previous band, but also of the aforementioned greats and other genre representatives.

Tracklist „Dormant“:

1. Through The Storm
2. We Owe No One
3. Undercurrent
4. Chance To Fail
5. About Lies
6. Come Alive
7. Ocean Child
8. Nightflight
9. Red Soil
10. Dormant
Total playing time: 45:40


HIRAES – DormantLineUp:Britta Görtz (Vocals)Lukas Kerk (Guitars)Oliver Kirchner (Guitars)Christian Wösten (Bass)Mathias Blässe (Drums)8.5…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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