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Historical drama not only has history “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” but also workplace situation_Zhu Di_Audience_Zhang Wu

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Original title: Historical drama not only has history “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” but also workplace situation

Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Mosquige) Recently, the historical drama “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlights” is being broadcast on CCTV and Youku. One challenge after another for his sons.

As a historical drama, “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” has done some artistic processing of historical facts for the sake of a compact and beautiful plot, but still upholds respect and restoration of history at key points. Not to mention the description of the protagonist’s growth history, even the supporting roles are also carefully shaped. The upright Tie Xuan, the clever and clever Liu Bowen, the well-organized Hu Weiyong, and the brave and adept Wang Baobao… Although these characters did not make many appearances, they had distinct personalities, as if they had come out of a dusty history book. Some netizens said: “”Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” made me interested in consulting historical books. The Ming Dynasty is really interesting.”

The wonderful performance of this historical drama is due to the interpretation of the old drama bones. Zhu Yuanzhang played by Chen Baoguo, Queen Ma played by Wang Ji, Xu Da played by Zhang Fengyi… Their performances made the audience feel that they were really brought into the historical situation.

In addition to satisfying the thirst for knowledge in exploring history, for the audience, “Mountains, Rivers and Moonlight” is also a highly watchable “workplace drama” – if Zhu Di is regarded as a young man entering the workplace, this drama will also It can teach the audience a lot of ways to behave in the workplace.

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Zhu Di’s talent is first reflected in how to recognize and employ people. When he leads his subordinates, he can be “a virtuous corporal”, “employ people without doubt” and “lead the way”, so he can recruit talents from all over the world. For example, in the play, Zhu Di regards Zhang Yu as a confidant, not only making him his close minister, but also sending someone to bring his wife and children to his side for a family reunion. In another episode, in order to understand public opinion, Zhu Di pretended to be Zhu Shilang of a hundred households, and all food and clothing expenses were the same as ordinary people. He also designed for Zhang Wu to wrestle with himself, and then deliberately lost to the opponent to save Zhang Wu’s face. For Zhang Yu, Zhang Wu, Yao Guangxiao and others, Zhu Di could treat them like brothers.

With the increase of age and experience, under the persuasion of his wife Xu Miaoyun, Zhu Di gradually became a mansion. Facing the misunderstandings and censures of the emperor’s father and the prince’s elder brother, he sometimes responded with the strategy of the monarch and ministers, and sometimes resolved with the power of family affection.

For the audience, watching the drama not only explores history, but also explores the inner world of characters in the texture of history. Looking back at ourselves, history is also a mirror for us, allowing contemporary people to obtain the wisdom of life and work.

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