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Holidays in the United States 2024: what is Juneteenth or Liberation Day

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Holidays in the United States 2024: what is Juneteenth or Liberation Day

He 19th of June of 2021 the Congress of USA decreed the Juneteenth o Liberation Day of the slaves and formally entered the calendar of Holidays 2024 a day whose transcendent objective is the education of future generations and raising awareness about the history of the African-American community.

The different cities in the country keep the tradition alive by holding parades, music festivals and fireworks. In addition, it is customary for family gatherings and barbecues to take place.

The next month of the year will commemorate the end of the slavery in the North American territory, after the Union Army arrived at the port of Galveston, state of Texas in 1865 and through its general, Gordon Granger, announced that the servants were free and the Civil War had ended.

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United States Holidays 2024: Juneteenth or Liberation Day

Former President Abraham Lincoln had attempted to abolish black servitude three years earlier in 1862, however, the vast majority of the southern United States EU ignored the proclamation and was one of the eleven states where it was legal to own slaves.

After the Texas War of Independence (1835-1836), which resulted in the creation of the republic of Texas based on slavery, its annexation to the USA It happened in December 1845, and thus it was strengthened as a slave state without fixed borders.

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The end of the Civil War caused the emancipation of 250,000 people. However, similar conditions were perpetuated through what historian Douglas A. Blackmon called “slavery with another name.” An example of this is the custom of arresting African Americans for minor crimes and later forcing them to work on plantations.

The United States has had the self-proclaimed “leap year capital” since February 29, 1988.

June 19: Juneteenth the last holiday recognized by the Federal Government of the United States

The days apply nationwide, marking significant moments in the nation’s history and culture. The last holiday established and formally recognized by the Federal Government was Juneteenthhe 19th of June.

Holidays in the United States 2024: Why is Presidents’ Day celebrated on February 19?

It should be noted that by law, only government institutions are required to close on these holidays. However, it is common for private companies and establishments such as supermarkets, banks and schools to join this pause to commemorate national holidays.


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