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Home inspired by Pinterest | Open House with Isabela Ferraz

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Home inspired by Pinterest |  Open House with Isabela Ferraz

Photos: Thays Bittar/ Disclosure

The project is signed by Isabela Ferraz herself, who has a degree in Interiors, she was mainly inspired by Pinterest and included some personal wishes and dreams for the 190m² housein Vila Madalena, São Paulo.

It’s a project with a little bit of everything: rustic, vintage, classic…

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One of the main changes was the need to create an internal staircase, as the two existing ones required external access to the house. This resulted in demolition of the staircase that provided access to the garden from the outside of the kitchen, replacing it with an internal one. This change had a significant impact on the transformation of the entire lower part of the residence.

I love the balls, the tiles, the different materials in the house. I tried to keep a lot of things.

Isabela insisted on to preserve many details originals, including caquinho, São Tomé stone, taquinho and granilite floors. Despite the absence of formal landscaping, a cozy gardenfulfilling the family’s dream of having grass.

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