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Hong Kong media banned 10 singers including anti-communist singer He Yunshi | Hong Kong and Taiwan | Huang Yaoming | Censorship

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[Epoch Times, January 27, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xu Cuiling) It is rumored that the Hong Kong government through the “Hong Kong and Taiwan Radio Department” asked DJs to list “banned singers”, including Huang Yaoming, He Yunshi and other 10 singers were banned .

In this regard, Huang Yaoming said that Hong Kong banned books, films and songs every day, “the more the ban, the more gold”. Ho Yunshi said that it has been a long time since I entered the “Top Ten” in Hong Kong and Taiwan, which is a great honor. Taipei City Councilor Qiu Weijie (Internet celebrity Guaji) criticized that the CCP’s political stance of censoring creators is unacceptable to any democratic country.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the Facebook fan special “Tracking Party Media” issued a document on the 25th that the high-level executives of the Radio Department of Hong Kong and Taiwan (Radio Hong Kong) issued a list of top ten singers to DJ to be banned from broadcasting. In addition to promoting the shortlisted song excerpts of the upcoming Hong Kong Golden Melody Awards co-organized with TVB, the singers included in the banned list include Huang Yaoming, He Yunshi, Rubberband, C AllStar, Da Ming Yipai, Dear Jane, Fang Haowen, Serrini, Xie Anqi and Xu Tingkeng, All songs are banned.

Huang Yaoming said in a Facebook post that in fact, some radio stations or media have secretly censored or coldly dealt with certain singers and certain songs. “We are living in a lawless and beautiful new Hong Kong.” Every day there is a forbidden fruit, forbidden color, forbidden book, forbidden film and forbidden song, all of which show that the invisible giant is actually very cowardly and never understood that “the more forbidden, the more gold” the truth.

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Ho Yunshi, who was previously arrested and released on bail because she was a senior executive of “Stand News“, also posted on Facebook that she has not entered the “Top Ten” in Hong Kong and Taiwan for a long time. It’s an honor, WOW, thank you Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some netizens left a message, “Hong Kong and Taiwan have certified the top ten singers that Hong Kong people should support”, “Certified by the party and the state, the top ten singers deserve their name, which is gratifying.” Another netizen asked, “Can we broadcast Huang Mingzhi’s “Glass”? Heart”?”

Qiu Weijie told The Epoch Times that, as far as he knows, some of Ho Yunshi’s songs may insinuate political content, but Huang Yaoming is almost a pop singer-songwriter. However, the two of them have one thing in common, and both have made a lot of statements about politics. He believes that the CCP regime’s censorship of entertainment content is not only aimed at the content itself, but also includes the creator’s political stance, which is unacceptable to any democratic society or country.

Several Hong Kong media outlets have been forced to cease operations one after another, from “Standard News” and “Zhongxin News“, to the ban on broadcasting of 10 top singers’ songs in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Regarding the CCP’s political suppression and human rights abuses, Qiu Weijie said, this is not something that happened recently. The CCP has ignored human rights for decades. Whether it is entertainment content creators or sports players, as long as they express their opinions, they may be subject to political sanctions, which will create a chilling effect and make people in China increasingly reluctant to speak up for themselves and stand up for their rights.

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