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Honors, Riccardo Muti is a citizen of Palermo: “I’m proud of it”

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PALERMO – Riccardo Muti is a citizen of Palermo. On the day dedicated to the Theater, the Neapolitan master, from Puglia, Milanese by adoption, also received the honorary citizenship of the Sicilian city, to which he is very attached, from the mayor Leoluca Orlando. A ceremony in which the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini also wanted to participate in streaming. Muti reiterated once again his pride in being Italian and, from today, also a citizen of Palermo. «Let us not say – he stressed – that Germany or Austria are the musical leaders of the world. Italy has an even longer musical history than any other nation. It is not only the home of bel canto. But what does bel canto mean? Yesterday I learned that the Palermo Conservatory alone has 1,200 students. On the one hand it is a fact that makes us proud, but on the other it worries. Conservatives have multiplied in Italy, but what outlet awaits these young people? », The Maestro asked himself.

«Before I die – he added – I have to do something for the musicians of tomorrow. Seoul has 18 orchestras, while in Italy there are regions and entire cities that have no theater, no orchestra. I want to see Puglia, Molise, Calabria, even Sicily found more than one orchestra. Today I met the Kids orchestra of the Teatro Massimo, very young and talented. They are wonderful, but I thought: how many of them will be able to make a job out of it? My last years will be spent on this goal ».

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