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Horoscopes of the week: the beginning of Pluto’s direct changes (Photos)

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Astrology this week: Pluto goes direct, the beginning of change. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Beginning this week, we have successively ushered in “Pluto, earth, and wood return to direct”. The first to appear is Pluto’s direct motion on Thursday. This means that the previous retrograde is the end of the time for the exam questions, because he wants us to move forward.

Our life is going to move on to the next chapter, that is to say, the previous dissatisfaction may come from, that is, we are indeed, the unbroken relationships or careers, then we are now Have some new experiences.

If you have been aware of this for a long time, and you have made changes in your mentality and actions, then going direct from October is the “beginning of change.” Please act now!

[Weekly reminder: if the stars go direct, the six constellations will move first]

Beginning this week, we have successively ushered in “Pluto, earth, and wood return to direct”. The first to appear is Pluto direct on Thursday, 10/7.

I still remember the starting point of the six-star retrograde. It was the end of April. What have we experienced all the way?

Remember the shock caused by the outbreak? Level three is alert to many industries, the workplace is forced to standstill and faces survival crises, causing inner panic. However, it is also the “adversity of retreat if you do not advance”, which forces people to think about “how to survive” and more actively “break through the dilemma” , Reflect on oneself” (How can you want to reflect on the good times). If you can’t just put the eggs in one basket, where are the other baskets? If this road no longer works, what are the other ways? In this way, people learn from their mistakes and adversity hard when the stars are retrograde, so that they can strengthen themselves in the future and no longer have to panic…

If you have long been aware of this, and you have made changes in your mentality and actions, then going direct from October is the “beginning of change”. Go! ! !

Especially the sun, ascending “Scorpio (10/7), Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius (10/11), Sagittarius, Pisces (10/18)” guarded by the gods, earth, and wood (a lot, half of the constellations) XD), they are all key groups of “new plans moving and implementing”. Ah, yes, the Mercury retrograde will end on the 18th, as will the Sun, the Ascending Gemini, and the virgin, and life will begin to “turn over”.

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Scorpio’s ruler will go direct on Thursday. Will Scorpio “will be smoother”? (Image source: Adobe Stock)

So, let’s promise Scorpio in advance. Scorpio’s ruler will go direct on Thursday. Will Scorpio “will be smoother”? Um…Of course, there are still “unsuccessful things”. After all, “karma is still in the blowout,” and it is unavoidable to still be entangled in secret. It is better not to make random decisions in advance), but after Thursday, there will be “a turning point”. For example, “I finally got a solution for the stuck point.” Maybe it is because there is a noble person, or you have figured it out by yourself, and have the ability to act. There is new hope when you can move and start.

(Other constellations are coming soon, please prepare)

Before Thursday, “Venus Scorpio Sprint”, the issues of sex, bullying, dark, stock market, and wealthy people continued to run. After Thursday, Venus entered the Sagittarius, and “international affairs, general direction” became the focus of attention, such as paying more attention to “international news, other countries’ trends, envoys’ visits, and other people’s opinions”. Many things are not self-pity and self-pity. It’s just injury, but it takes a “high jump and overlook” to realize that, then borrow Venus Sagittarius to start overlooking your own career and make “long-term planning”.

It cannot be ignored that this Friday is the “high peak of the fire and the sun”, showing the “active and harmful” of “interpersonal and cooperative”, especially in the balance, and there is mercury retrograde, so if partners, partners, and adversaries, if There are long-standing dissatisfaction and injustices, and they have reached the point where they “have enough, must react, not hesitate to tear their faces”, and even take legal measures to fight for justice for themselves. In addition, “politicians, political operations” are becoming more and more intense, which has a great impact on the current situation and deserves attention.

Finally, don’t forget that we’re still in Mercury retrograde. We really have to learn the “art of speaking.” God teammates come from saying good things. Pig teammates are caused by saying wrong things. So don’t blame destiny for being unfair to yourself, sometimes yourself. The way to deal with it is really open to question. Want to change your destiny? Start with “change your expression”.

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The support power of the water bottle can play an ideal, the lion pays attention to the chest cavity and the digestive system; who has the dramatic peach blossom should be judged, and who has the big challenge to grasp? Let’s take a look at the analysis of Teacher Tang!

Venus and Scorpio sprint before Thursday. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

What effect does it have on our individual constellations?

Work: Cancer, Virgin, Libra, Aquarius

Cancer friends have a chance for promotion at work, because you have the opportunity to make merit at certain critical moments, and then make others feel that you must be indispensable or that you have performed really well. Then there will be this noble luck, and then there will be this promotion.

Friends of the Virgo zodiac actually play the ball when it comes to work this week, because things are really complicated, and you don’t have much time to judge. It depends entirely on your professional ability and speed.

Friends of the Libra constellation have recently gained a lot. There must be something that is public. Everyone can see the success. You have successfully captured a certain bid. You have successfully made some people feel amazing to see your work. They are all very good.

Friends of the Aquarius sign, you can play to your ideals in terms of work, your requirements for things or the thoughts that you silently put in your heart, recently there has indeed been this support for you, so take it well.

Feelings: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Friends of the Taurus constellation have recently been more assertive and thoughtful in terms of feelings, so the dominance has fallen into your hands, and you like this, others will find it quite attractive!

Friends of the Scorpio constellation take more and more wrong lines in terms of emotions, so what we have to do is not to say, but to show it in action. On the contrary, when we say, we deduct points and say less and make less mistakes.

Friends of the Capricorn constellation, in terms of feelings, take this gentle and family-like route first, so the atmosphere of home is quite conducive to your relaxation, and it also makes others think that you are so cute.

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Friends of Pisces have indeed had some dramatic encounters recently. For example, someone shows up when you need help, or conversely, you saved others. But is it love? Not necessarily! You have to judge well.

Money: Aries, Sagittarius

Friends of Aries have recently made quite big plan decisions or decisions in terms of money luck. Although they are not very familiar, if necessary, this big move and big way change, I think it is worth challenging, please To take advantage of.

Friends of the Sagittarius constellation have good fortune recently, and they are inexplicably good fortune. For example, a senior will take you with you, or give you some good news, messages, or lucky for winning a lottery.

Health: Gemini, Lion

Gemini friends are prone to mood swings recently. For example, they may be wronged. This kind of wronged energy is quite strong. Are you too tired or the people around you don’t understand you enough? What are your needs? You should follow Speak out around. This is the part of mental health, and the part of external health is that you need a lot of rest, and you need an assistant. In fact, you don’t want to do everything by yourself, you have to speak out.

Friends of the Leo zodiac should pay attention to the digestive system, or the condition of the chest cavity. If there is something wrong, please go to the hospital to check it, or take a good health, stomach, and digestive system. This is good for your health. It’s better!

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