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hosted by wiebke | because of lisbeth @ arena open air | May 14, 2023

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hosted by wiebke |  because of lisbeth @ arena open air |  May 14, 2023

“Because of Lisbeth” celebrated a unique rain concert in the open air area of ​​the arena and buried the completely fresh grass…

It was the first open air concert in the arena this year. The green lawn was still very fresh and people arrived on the grounds in a good mood. at least those who got tickets. The first open air of the season was sold out immediately and there were several people standing outside the gates looking for remaining tickets. Anyway – as soon as I was on site it started to rain. and the fresh lawn turned into fresh mud.

Maybe it was the rain that the support act “shelter boy“He started his performance over half an hour late, who knows. In any case, when he was finally on stage and presented us with his indie rock music, I realized that it was easy to listen to. Due to the increasingly heavy rain, more and more people gathered in the back area of ​​the site, but nevertheless there were also a few brave visitors who placed themselves in the less protected areas.

It slowly got dark and nobody knew exactly when the main band of the evening, namely “because of lisbeth“would begin. Everything was delayed by the rain. But at some point employees came to the stage and removed the huge sheets – revealing a bright orange stage background. Orange shimmered in the instruments too. and slowly I imagined that the rain had let up. In any case, at some point the five band members leisurely strolled onto the stage. The singer still had a half-smoked cigarette in his mouth – but that didn’t stop him from starting to sing anyway.

“Because of Lisbeth” presents a colorful cross-section of her last three albums, with her big hits placed right at the end. The crowd was asked not to sing “bitch” during the song “bitch” but to fill the spot with another word – we chose “knilch”. The rain got heavier again and I had to be careful not to slip. Mosh pits were formed anyway, it didn’t matter anyway.

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As quickly as the concert began, it came to an end again. Instead of encore calls, there were Elon calls based on the song of the same name. Of course the band came back and thanked them with the words “not bad for starting a tour abroad”. With this final song they finally fulfilled the audience’s last musical wish. The concert was another sign that rain doesn’t have to be a deterrent. On the contrary: if you dance more, you feel warmer and your mood is automatically better after a dance!

At the end I was completely soaked, covered in mud and sweaty under the rain cape. but it was worth it. The rain had finally stopped and the audience, who didn’t want to go home yet, turned what was now the arena’s lawn into a mud slide.

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