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hosted by wiebke | the band camino @ scene vienna | May 8, 2023

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hosted by wiebke |  the band camino @ scene vienna |  May 8, 2023

surprisingly great: “the band camino” and their opening act “boy bleach” thrilled the audience in the vienna scene!

It was perfect: we arrived at exactly the right time so we could enter the Vienna scene without queuing. The concert was almost sold out, the hall was already full, but we still found a place near the front. Not only was the view excellent from there, but no one was standing on your feet. For me that was already a plus point for that evening. The best thing: there is even room to dance and I also needed this space for the support act “boy bleach“from Great Britain.

Both I and the rest of the audience seemed to be able to relate to Boy Bleach’s music. Everyone could sing along with the Britney Spears cover of “Toxic”. I was surprised at one point by the singer when he demonstrated his climbing skills and climbed onto the side railing. In any case, the band gave it their all and left a good impression.

After the Boy Bleach concert there was enough time to go to the toilet and have a drink before we entered the hall again for the main act “the band caminoto see. When the group entered the stage, it was immediately noticeable that the three permanent band members were supported by a bassist for the duration of the tour. And then it started: they played a mix of previous songs and current singles, leaving nothing to be desired.

What was nice was that there was a lot of variety on stage: while the drummer had his fixed position on the stage, the other two members brought a lot of dynamism to their performance: both were responsible for vocals, guitar and keyboard alternately. There was also an emphasis on interaction with the fans, which meant a lot of fun for the band on stage but also for the audience: they sang along, danced along and screamed so much during the breaks that one of the singers was almost overwhelmed by his emotions . The band didn’t seem to have expected to be greeted by such an energetic audience.

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At some point the concert was over and I was completely thrilled. If I had to complain about anything, it would be that the band didn’t have a merchandise stand. In subsequent cities there was merchandise for sale and that annoyed me a bit. In any case, my conclusion for the concert is that there is a very good chance that “the band Camino” will grace Vienna again on the next European tour.

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