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hosted by wiebke | zara larsson @ gasometer | March 8, 2024

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hosted by wiebke |  zara larsson @ gasometer |  March 8, 2024

an evening with a dance show and feel-good music, which was unfortunately over after just over an hour!

My first impression when walking into the gasometer: lots of glittering people! No matter whether it was jackets, t-shirts, facial glitter or rhinestones – the visitors competed in sparkles. This view immediately put me in an enthusiastic mood. Everyone was here to have a good time.

I waited excitedly for support “yaeger“. Like the main act “Zara Larsson”, she comes from Sweden. Accordingly, I expected catchy music. Only “yaeger” kept us waiting for a quarter of an hour. My joyful mood turned into impatience. When would she finally come? When the time came, the stage was so thickly shrouded in fog that I couldn’t make out her face from the audience area. Accordingly, I focused more on her singing. This made me wonder whether she really sang live or not. I couldn’t tell because of the electronically distorted voice. At least “Yaeger” moved back and forth on stage, but the songs didn’t warm up the audience. In addition, their show was constantly bathed in green light, which made me feel uncomfortable for a long time. After almost half an hour her performance was over. I asked myself whether “Zara Larsson“would also be late. Accordingly, I didn’t have high expectations at exactly 9 a.m. when suddenly the music faded and the lights went out.

First, three musicians entered the two-story stage, then the band took their places in individual squads below the upper floor. Then dancers appeared on the upper floor. They pushed two stage doors into the middle, which opened to let the music drop. this came behind curtains “Zara Larsson“ to appear. She opened the show with the song “Venus” – in keeping with the “Venus” tour and the current album “Venus”. Together with her 4 dancers, “Zara Larsson” quickly got the crowd swaying their bodies to the beat of the music. In addition to these dance numbers, the artist also sang without getting out of breath. Her voice was what made me a fan of her music. The rapid changes in altitude, but especially the heights themselves, amazed me deeply. and live she hit every note. Wow!

The performance was supported by a video wall on the upper half of the stage. Otherwise both floors were used alternately. So “Zara Larsson” sat alone on the edge of the upper level for “The Healing”. She dangled one leg as the room lit up with cell phone lights. From there it went into the second set, which began with one of their most famous songs: “Symphony”. Colorful balloons flew around the hall, brought by the fans themselves. Fans of their early hits also got their money’s worth. The most screaming came at the announcement of “Uncover,” a song from their first album. The moment was extra special because the song hadn’t been played on the entire tour. In between, “Zara Larsson” addressed individual fans during breaks in speaking. For example, she asked one or two visitors about their favorite songs from the current album. But the artist also mentioned that it was women’s day. She deliberately chose a team with female musicians and dancers.

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Since the gig in Vienna was the last concert of the tour, this meant that the audience delivered an extra dose of exuberance to songs like “Ammunition” and “Ain’t My Fault”. In time for the encore part, the costume changed to a silver, glittery dress. Of course, “Zara Larsson” finally performed “Lush Life” and ended the show with the catchy song “Can’t Tame Her”. and then I ask myself: is it over yet? The singer left the stage without much fanfare. I was expecting a “bigger” finale, but that didn’t happen. Although it was a fantastic show throughout, the icing on the cake at the end was missing. Not even an hour and 15 minutes had passed. Personally, I would have liked to move my hips to more songs – but I wasn’t on stage either. Singing and dancing at the same time, “Zara Larsson” had my complete respect for that. And because I otherwise had a lot of fun with the show, I would go there again and again.

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