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Hot and Spicy: The Success and Local Flavor of Filming in Guangzhou

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Local Film “Hot and Spicy” Brings Familiar Guangzhou Scenes to the Big Screen

By Xu Zhentian

As of February 14th, the Spring Festival movie “Hot and Spicy” has surpassed 1.6 billion yuan in total box office sales according to Maoyan Professional Edition data. What some attentive viewers in Guangzhou may have noticed is that the film features many familiar locations within the city.

The film’s official Guangzhou co-production agency has announced that “Hot and Spicy” was shot in various locations in Guangzhou, with filming taking place from September 2022 to November 2023. A significant portion of the filming, approximately 100 shots, took place in Hualong, showcasing a quarter of the town in the popular film.

For the past two years, residents of Panyu have seen Jia Ling, the star of “Hot and Spicy,” filming scenes in their neighborhoods. Many Panyu locals have even spotted themselves or people they know in the movie’s various scenes, adding another layer of excitement and connection to the film.

One of the film’s scenic spots, Shiqiao Guanbian Road, captures an authentic portrayal of Lingnan life, with its self-built buildings and lush banyan trees. The film also features other iconic locations in Panyu and neighboring areas, highlighting the unique charm of the region.

During the filming process in the streets and alleys of Longyuan Road, the crew encountered various challenges due to the large number of shooting scenes and crew members. To ensure a smooth filming process, the Hualong Town Government provided logistical support, including road closures and traffic diversions, to accommodate the film’s production needs.

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The movie’s portrayal of local cuisine, bustling streets, and the unique atmosphere of Panyu showcases the vibrant and lively culture of Guangzhou to audiences nationwide. The film not only highlights the beauty of the city but also pays homage to the warm and hospitable nature of the local community.

“Hot and Spicy” has become a blockbuster hit, not only for its captivating storyline and performances but also for its stunning depiction of Guangzhou and the surrounding areas. The film’s success has solidified Guangzhou’s position as a premier filming location and has left a lasting impression on both local and international audiences alike.

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