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HOT WATER MUSIC – Double single and album details

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HOT WATER MUSIC – Double single and album details

HOT WATER MUSIC today announce their new album “VOWS” with the double single “Menace” / “Burn Forever” for May 10, 2024 via End Hits Records. The band from Gainesville is celebrating their 30th anniversary with their tenth studio album.

The album, produced with long-time companion Brian McTernan, contains top-class guest appearances from Thrice, Dallas Green (City and Color/Alexisonfire), THE INTERRUPTERS, Daniel Fang and Brendan Yates (TURNSTILE) and Popeye Vogelsang (CALLING HOURS/ex-FARSIDE).

The first two releases from “VOWS” are the powerful opener “Menace” and the brilliant “Burn Forever”. Two outstanding tracks that immediately showcase the power of the members of Hot Water Music – Chuck Ragan (vocals/guitar), Chris Wollard (vocals/guitar), Chris Cresswell (vocals/guitar), Jason Black (bass) and George Rebelo (drums) – conveyed in a total of 12 new songs.

“These days it’s easy to get lost in your everyday frustrations”says Ragan about “Menace.” “It is not always easy to understand our own mental state. But we have the power within us to pause, to be present in our anger, and to find a path that leads us away from hate. This way we can learn to deal better with a threat that stands in our way next time.”

About “Burn Forever” Chris Wollard adds:
“’Burn Forever’ is about coping with grief. It’s about allowing grief and also the things we learn to help us through it.”

Watch “Menace” here:

And here you can see “Burn Forever”:

HOT WATER MUSIC recently announced their 30th anniversary tour, which, after concerts in North America in November of this year, will also take them to Germany and Austria for nine concerts.

Three decades, 10 albums and still a mainstay of American punk – HOT WATER MUSIC continues to be one of the essential influences and inspiration for bands around the world.

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On the new album “VOWS”, the band’s goal remains the same as always: continuous development with a keen eye on the future. “The theme that kept coming up while making this album was growth – how writing a song, recording an album, or being in a band is like planting a seed and helping it grow.”so die Band. “We think it has a lot to do with looking back and realizing that in 30 years we managed to create something special that we all really love.”

Additionally, “VOWS” marks another brilliant chapter in the continued collaboration with renowned producer and hardcore legend Brian McTernan, who worked with the band on “A Flight And A Crash” (2001), “Caution” (2002) and ” The New What Next” (2004), which is often referred to as a Hot Water Music classic.

Without a specific goal of making a new album, the band began writing these new songs with the simple intention of releasing music to celebrate this hard-earned milestone of the band’s 30th anniversary. Be it a single, an EP or a whole album. However, all members were absolutely sure that they didn’t want to make a new record just for the sake of it; this record had to be exciting, brutal and, most of all, necessary.

“Everyone has spent a lot of time reflecting on the journey that got us here and thinking about what we want from now on as we make this record”summarizes the band. “We hope that this album feels like a celebration of our history and future to everyone who listens to it. It definitely is and that’s what it feels like to us.”

HOT WATER MUSIC – 30th Anniversary Tour 2024

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07.11. Münster, Skaters Palace
08.11. Hannover, Capitol
09.11. NL – Amsterdam, Melkweg
10.11. BEL – Antwerp, Trix
12.11. Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
11/13 Munich, Muffathalle
14.11. AT – Wien, SIMM City
11/15 Leipzig, Felsenkeller
November 16th Berlin, Huxley’s New World
18.11. SWE – Stockholm, Debaser
19.11. SWE – Gothenburg, Musikens Hus
20.11. DEN – Søborg, Richter
November 21st Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36
22.11. Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
11/23 Cologne, palladium


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