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How does the original author end up as a screenwriter? – China Daily

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The youth suspense crime short drama “The Coward” is on the air. The drama is adapted from the novel “Swallowing Raw” by writer Zheng Zhi. The writer Zheng Zhi himself also serves as the screenwriter of the play. Judging from the currently broadcast episodes, the show’s presentation of a small northeastern town is very chronological, and the narrative of cruel youth also has the temperament of Northeastern literature. The plot of the conflict was also complained by the audience.

The episode “Coward” tells the cruel youth story between Qin Li, the son of a murderer, Huang Shu, the daughter of a mental patient, Feng Xuejiao, the daughter of a policeman, and Wang Di, who “betrayed” Qin Li. Judging from the 5 episodes currently broadcast, this is a fusion work of suspense + cruel youth elements. In 1999, when he was in high school, Qin Li was a warm-hearted math genius. “Genius” was shown in his ability to easily solve difficult math problems; “heart-warming” was shown in his willingness to save money for Wang’s school uniform and pants. Buy a basketball. Because the murderer’s father was arrested and caused a sensation in the city, Qin Li encountered all kinds of difficulties and discrimination. He gradually fell in love with the heroine Huang Shu, who was also discriminated against by his classmates.

The 1999 link in this play tells the story of youth in a sunny northeastern town, with a strong sense of nostalgia; the 2011 link mainly tells the various mysterious actions of the male protagonist, which is the story of the follow-up characters. To lay the groundwork; the story line in 2001 is the criminal case line. In order to enhance the sense of suspense of the narrative, the play keeps jumping repeatedly on the time axis spanning ten years, flashing back and flashing forward constantly. This narrative method is quite novel, with a certain degree of narrative experimentation, and the pursuit of brain-burning effects. , but the transition between the three lines is “hard-cut” and the style is split, which will make many viewers feel abrupt. When the play depicts the youthful emotions of the four people, the rhythm is slow, and the plot points are many and scattered. These reviews will affect the reputation of the show. When the author of the original author wrote the novel, he transformed the complex psychological time and space and flashback perspective of the protagonist into the time and space that jumped repeatedly in the drama. The narrative is more direct, simpler and clearer, which shows that the author of the original novel understands his own work better. , know how to create a sense of suspense, but failed to completely avoid some of the audience’s complaints.

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At present, more and more original authors act as screenwriters to adapt their own works. If the original author has the ability to act as the screenwriter, the least advantage is that he has a precise grasp of the core of the story and the character settings, so as not to let his work be changed indiscriminately. However, there are also novels that have been greatly improved by professional screenwriters and adapted into high-quality dramas, such as “Undocumented Crime”, “The Hidden Corner”, “The Silent Truth”, “Dajiang Dahe”, etc. These adaptations have a good film and television effect on the original work , let the story expand to the profound culture, the changes of the times, and the depth of society.

There are also original writers who choose to cooperate with professional screenwriters to adapt their own works, and the presentation effect is also very good. For example, the screenwriter of the TV series “Trident” was written by the original author Lv Zheng and screenwriter Shen Rong. Shen Rong’s representative works include “Remaining Crimes” and so on. It can be seen from “Trident” that screenwriters of film and television dramas will do some extra “flower work” to add luster to the drama. Shen Rong draws on the form of American dramas and designs a “wedge” to tell the history at the beginning of each episode of “Trident”. In order to shoot these “history”, the play also found three young actors, some old props with a sense of age, etc. These “history” stories make the relationship between the plot and the three characters more complete and logical I think it has the finishing touch to the drama.

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Suspense dramas are very popular now, but it is becoming more and more difficult to produce good word-of-mouth works, which may be related to the lack of good suspense screenwriters. Nowadays, many creative teams shoot suspense dramas by shooting life dramas and literary films, and there are many examples of works that failed and caused word-of-mouth crisis. This year’s suspense genre dramas are all superimposing elements, but the core elements of genre dramas, such as suspense and rhythm, are weakening. A certain film and television award has been vacant for screenwriting awards for many years, exposing the crisis of screenwriting talents. It may also be because of these factors that traditional literary writers and a large number of online novel writers have to end up adapting their own works. But many people believe that screenplays and novels are two completely different systems. The original author of “The Beginning” and screenwriter Piaojun believes that the language of the lens and the language of the novel are completely different systems when writing the script. In this way, it is indeed rare for talents who can switch freely and freely change between writers and screenwriters. Screenwriter Wang Hailin once said that just as no professional screenwriter can write a platinum web article, no web writer can write a script for a high-box-office movie. Everyone must trust their own professionalism, as well as the professionalism of others.

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Original title: How does the original author end up as a screenwriter?

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