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How Israel’s “shield” operates against Iran’s missiles and drones

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How Israel’s “shield” operates against Iran’s missiles and drones

In 2021, Israel presented a new version of its Iron Dome anti-missile shield, deployed on the borders with Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, which can now “simultaneously” intercept rockets, missiles and drones.

In service for almost a decade, “Iron Dome” is part of the instruments that allow Israel to maintain military dominance over its neighbors.

While this anti-missile battery cannot block incendiary balloons and other projectiles launched at very low altitude, it can now counter both missiles and drones.

“Iron Dome has been tested in a variety of complex scenarios (…) and has intercepted drones, rockets and missile salvos simultaneously,” Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in a statement.

At the beginning of 2021, Israel presented the “Iron Sting”, a new laser-guided mortar designed – according to its designers – to attack targets in urban areas with minimal collateral damage.

Israel’s Defense Ministry says the Iron Dome is capable of handling multiple threats simultaneously, with a success rate of up to 90%.

It has a range of approximately 70 km and It has three central components that form a unit: the detection and tracking radar, the battle and weapons management control, and the missile launcher armed with 20 Tamir missiles.

It was designed by the company Rafael Advanced Defense System LTD, a private firm with very close ties to the Israeli armed forces that builds air, sea and land defense systems.

It also had financing of more than US$200 million from the United States.

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