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How much is the sentence that Ramiro Gutiérrez could receive?

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On Monday, May 15, after seven intense days of trial, Ramiro Gutiérrez was found guilty of the murder of Facundo Castillo. and the attempted murder of five of his friends as they left a party on December 19, 2021. The judge set that day the cessation hearing for tomorrow, Monday May 29. Gutiérrez faces a sentence that has a floor of 12 years.

Ten days after the verdict of the popular jury that intervened in the trial for the death of Facundo Castillo was announced, tomorrow the sentence that will be applied to Gutiérrez will be defined. SAs explained by the judicial body, the criminal scale established from the simple homicide in an ideal competition with five homicide attempts is from 8 to 25 years. Although as he was tried by a popular jury, the minimum sentence is 12 years.

The defendant is in pretrial detention. Therefore, the period that he was serving up to now is deducted from the sentence that the judge will establish.

The jury’s deliberation, which would find Gutiérrez guilty, lasted two and a half hours. Fthat a decision was unanimous and the reasons for the decision are secret, as established. The trial for the crime lasted seven days. During this process, 40 witnesses testified before the popular jury.

Castillo’s family will meet outside court

The family of the young man from Neuquén summoned the community to accompany them in the hearing of caesura that will be held on Monday 29 from 8 at the facilities of the Judicial Office of Cipolletti located in calle Urquiza and Spain.

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It is expected that during the caesura hearing, Facundo’s relatives, friends and relatives will fill the streets adjoining where the debate will take place. During the week of the trial, the accompaniment was unconditional, there were more than 70 people accompanying the parents; Esteban and Analía, and brother Emiliano Castillomost with Facundo’s face stamped on their shirts.

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