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How much is the skin of King Glory Pig Eight Journey to the West

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What is the price of the skin of the King of Glory Pig Eight Journey to the West?Woolen cloth? How many points do you want? Recently, the content of Glory of Kings that has attracted the most attention is the linkage with 86 Journey to the West, so in this linkage event, we can also get the linkage skin of Journey to the West. The linkage skin of Zhu Ba Jie is Zhu Wu Neng, the editor below Let me introduce you to the price of Pig Gono skin, so let’s take a look at it.

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King of Glory Limited Time Coupon Mall

King Glory Pig Bajie new skin price introduction

Let’s start with the conclusion directly, the level of the skin should also be epic, and it should be the same as the price of the monkey’s skin;

Original price 888 points coupon, first week discount 532, after receiving coupon 482;

It can be seen in the publicity cg that the degree of reduction is also very high and full of feelings;

King Glory Pig Bajie Journey to the West Skin How much is the skin price introduction

But this is just a guess. After all, according to the style of the king, there will always be a more expensive skin in a series, such as the previous five tiger admiral skin series;

The specific price should be known around the end of October, of course, the online time should also be that time.

The price of the King Glory Pig Woneng skin and the news of its launch have been shared by the editor, and I hope it can help everyone.

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Editor’s summary

Above areKing of Glory Pig Bajie Pig Wu Neng Skin PriceIntroduced, if you want this skin, you have to prepare your own wallet. After all, I think this skin is still more expensive. Of course, if you don’t have much money, you should save it. Just use it!

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