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How One Block Down, a street shop, became a youth cultural landmark | Youth | Culture | Fashion_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Original title: How One Block Down, a street shop, became a youth cultural landmark

Author: 1626 Trend Selection

When it comes to trendy stores, people tend to think of Kith from New York, managed by Ronnie Fieg, and Bodega, a famous ‘grocery store’ in Boston. Recently, One Block Down, which has been frequently reported by the media due to the hot joint name of Vans Dog Days, In fact, it is also one of the best in the street field.

So today, we will learn a little about One Block Down through this article.

  Milan Street Shop

One Block Down / Via thebasement

Jump to 2009, Milan, Italy, known as the fashion capital, was home to a number of fashion designers and luxury brands at that time. The luxurious and elegant aristocratic atmosphere permeated this European soil, and the street-focused fashion brand One Block Down The birth broke the original local literary and artistic appearance and injected a strong blood of street culture into the surrounding communities.

‘The store mainly features the styles that I and my friends often wear. We insist on our own style and discover the best brand choices. At the same time, we also hope to expand the influence of street culture, so that young people who are keen to wear can be immersed in it’, The founder Patrizio Vita talked about the vision of establishing a store in a conversation with the trend media The Basement.

One Block Down / Via thebasementOne Block Down / Via thebasement

Living in the era when streetwear has not yet entered the mainstream consumer vision in Italy, One Block Down is quickly famous for its unique and diverse selection of aesthetics. It can often dig out niche clothing brands with unique styles and become one of the few Italian fashion lovers. The sanctuary of shopping.

From Japanese brands Needles, Wacko Maria, Noma TD. , to street labels Polar Skate, Dime, Stussy to the popular Gorpcore preferred Arc’teryx, Salomon, And Wander, etc., brands from all over the world can be found here. And up-and-comers like Our Legacy and GR10K have already entered the store before they became popular.

Patrizio Vita pays special attention to the output of cultural level. Although it is a single product on the shelf at first glance, it brings together rich elements such as vinyl music, American military uniforms, and street skateboards, which is like a cultural melting pot.

And Wander & Needles / Via OBDAnd Wander & Needles / Via OBD
Patrizio Vita / Via MF FashionPatrizio Vita / Via MF Fashion
One Block Down / Via GoogleOne Block Down / Via Google

It is worth mentioning that, earlier, One Block Down teamed up with European creative talents such as Epicentro and thv4gsb to create a special edition of Salomon Xt4 and Xt6, traveling between the seaside of Rome, the mountains of southern France and the suburbs of Berlin and Munich in Germany to explore the outdoors and the city. This group of shooting images must be familiar to all Salomon lovers.

Salomon Look Special / Via One Block DownSalomon Look Special / Via One Block Down

Currently, One Block Down has three stores, the first on the corner of Milan Cathedral in the city center and the other on the cobblestone street between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo in Rome. The new store that opened not long ago is located in the Haute-Marais neighborhood on the right bank of the Seine River in France.

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Although One Block Down is not as famous as Kith, Bodega and other collection stores for the time being, but with its excellent co-branding with a number of brands in recent years, and as an output window for youth culture, it has become more and more people’s focus.

  Emerging with the best joint names

One Block Down x Vans / Via NssmagOne Block Down x Vans / Via Nssmag

The store is now in its thirteenth year, and Patrizio Vita’s passion for street culture is not limited to discovering lesser-known brands. As he once said, ‘The Streetwear community has been growing, from a niche to a more mainstream

  One Block Down is involved all the time, gradually extending from presenting aesthetics to creating aesthetics, although inThe resumes at the joint level are not rich, but they are all sincere.

Like a recent collaboration with VansDog Daysa reference to the real-life skateboarding scene in the 1970s, when a severe drought hit California, and a group of skaters began sneaking into suburban backyards to practice their skateboarding skills in an empty swimming pool, while the dirty all-white skates The sneakers will be created by them with a marker pen.

Shot at Aquafan Riccione / Via NssmagShot at Aquafan Riccione / Via Nssmag

This Handmade style is also reflected in these shoes. A large number of beads are hand-decorated to the upper by Italian craftsmen, reflecting a different luster under the sunlight. It is rumored that a pair of shoes takes 10 hours.

One Block Down x Vans / Via NssmagOne Block Down x Vans / Via Nssmag

The CP of Italian blood is also flowing. The Company has also worked with One Block Down. As we all know, CP. The Company has a symbiotic relationship with the football hooligan Hooligan, whose iconic goggles make it easier for the latter to veil trouble at football matches and to withstand the smoke bombs thrown by the police.

Series to CP. The company’s functional core is the focus, extracting classic elements such as denim and garment dyeing from ancient archives, and reinterpreting the brand symbol through street vision. It is worth mentioning that the Campaign was completed in the stands of the Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna, the city where Massimo Osti founded CP. Company place. In related articles in recent years, this group of blockbusters has become the regular map of the media.

One Block Down x C.P. Company / Via VTOne Block Down x C.P。 Company / Via VT

  Of course, One Block Down does not stick to the traditional street category. Earlier this year, it aimed at the long-established Japanese bag PORTER-Yoshida & Co. , which combines creamy white nylon and natural canvas fabrics in four chic designs.In addition, Oakley and Sebago, a well-known casual leather shoe company, have also appeared in One Bloc with Y2K Style.The joint blueprint of k Down.

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People’s expectations for Italian stores are no longer limited to what good things can be bought from the store, but also want to see what eye-catching street masterpieces it can produce in the context of the proliferation of joint names.

PORTER-Yoshida & Co. Collaboration / Via OBDPORTER – Yoshida & Co. Collaboration / Via OBD
1-2: Oakley / Via One Block Down 3-4: Sebago / Via One Block Down1-2: Oakley / Via One Block Down 3-4: Sebago / Via One Block Down

  Focus on youth subculture

DJ Kirou / Via One Block Down

As mentioned above, ‘exporting youth culture’ has always been the constant vision of founder Patrizio Vita.

Since the establishment of One Block Down, whether it is on the official website or Instagram account, it has gradually accumulated a large number of editorial files, the content shuttles through the unique insights of contemporary pop culture and little-known subculture stories, sometimes relaxed and sometimes abstract, described as young It is no exaggeration to exaggerate the fertile soil for people to acquire knowledge.

Analyze the content of the theme story with an iceberg diagram / Via One Block DownAnalyze the content of the theme story with an iceberg diagram / Via One Block Down

Posted in ‘A Hot Summer Day in Brooklyn – Detailing Spike Lee’s Style Influence and Legacy’middleOne Block Down features the classic film Do the Right Thing directed by renowned director Spike Lee, taking people back to the Black Lives Matter scene of the last century.

Air Jordan Sneakers, Los Angeles Dodgers baseball jerseys, cycling shorts, halter earphones, etc., the character’s sportswear style not only led the trend at the time, but even heated up again in recent years, and colorful African ethnic accessories can also be used in fashion. Similar figures were found in the design.

Do The Right Thing / Via One Block DownDo The Right Thing / Via One Block Down

  ‘Part of fashion comes from the show, part from the street, and part from the Japanese construction site. In Japan, construction worker occupations are widely considered to be 3K jobs; Kitanai (dirty), Kiken (dangerous), and Kitsui (harsh). However, this article will introduce the hidden 4th K in the life of construction workers, namely Kakkoii, cool. ‘,One Block Down wrote in another widely circulated piece.

Japanese Workers' Uniform / Via One Block DownJapanese Workers’ Uniform / Via One Block Down

The author compares several types of functional clothing most commonly worn by Japanese workers with the works of current fashion designers. For example, Tobi, which can judge the wind direction, has been improved and popularized by Yohji Yamamoto, and the flexible and comfortable split-toed ninja shoes Jikatabi have become Maison. Margiela’s classic work, the Kuchofuku air-conditioning suit with multiple fans inside, inspired the three-way collaboration of Uniform Experiment x Fragment Design x BURTLE.

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Although the various types of Workwear made in Japan at the beginning may not have fashion considerations, but looking at the present, they have inspired many designers like military clothing, and Kiko Kostadinov is one of the most well-known ones.

1-2: Jikatabi & Tabi / Via OBD 3-4: Tobi & Japanese Street Shooting / Via OBD 5-6: Kuchofuku & Tripartite Joint Name / Via OBD1-2: Jikatabi &; Tabi / Via OBD 3-4: Tobi &; Japanese Street Shooting / Via OBD 5-6: Kuchofuku &; Tripartite Joint Name / Via OBD

Focusing on print publications, One Block Down showcased the Nike-sponsored SUBNOTESFROM project of 5 magazines at its store opening in Paris two months ago.

Paris store opening / Via One Block DownParis store opening / Via One Block Down

The readings are invited to Sabukaru, Samutaro, Contemporary Standard and Otto Resource 4 content creation units to jointly write, each book brings together specific youth cultural movements in different countries, and records the development of subcultures around the world through interview stories of banner figures History, allowing readers to understand and explore in depth, to feel how it radiated from the origin to the global scale.

Production Records / Via One Block Downmake a record / Via One Block Down

Ottoresource, for example, takes us through the North American Freaknik event, an annual party in the Atlanta, Georgia area that was the perfect place for people to enjoy the R&B and Miami Bass genres from 1982 to 1997. Sabukaru introduced the Ura-Harajuku culture, which draws on Western thinking and blends with Japanese regional traditions.

There is also the United Kingdom, which gave birth to punk rock, and the unbridled youth carnival spread all over the underground clubs and bars at that time, Brazil, a tropical country where sports dominated the lifestyle, and Nigeria, which is quite artistic and literary.

 SUBNOTESFROM / Via One Block Down SUBNOTESFROM / Via One Block Down
One Block Down / Via InstagramOne Block Down / Via Instagram

  There is no doubt that these subcultures make the contemporary cultural atmosphere more vibrant, whether it is clothing style or life and fun, people are no longer shallow borrowings from the beautiful things of the past, but are eager to understand them more thoroughly and cultivate deeply. This One Block Down has gradually become a youth culture media that looks back on the past, shapes the present, and influences the future.

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