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How to get out of the “destiny cycle”?Find the answer in the musical “One More”

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How to get out of the “destiny cycle”?Find the answer in the musical “One More”Fly into the homes of ordinary people

This is a contest between musical dreams and reality, as well as a love that almost rubs shoulders together, in which one can see the daily tender father-son relationship and the mysterious collision of destiny. On December 9, the musical “One More” adapted from the comics will premiere on the Shanghai People’s Grand Stage. 13 intriguing original songs, lyrics that touch the heartstrings, there is always one song that can poke your tears.

Caption: The Musical “One More》 Official Picture

Liu Tan is the lead singer of the independent band One More Time. The gap between dreams and reality makes him feel physically and mentally exhausted. One day, Liu Tan received the record company’s casting proposal, hesitated again and again, he decided to disband the band. When he thought that ending everything and starting a new life, Liu Tan found himself trapped on October 4. Since then began a “only one day” life…This “one day”, repeated endlessly, endlessly, Liu Tan hesitated and struggled endlessly. While the gears of destiny were still turning, Liu Tan was pushed in front of a tarot warlock, as if everything had turned around again, in the midst of “magic”, could he turn things around?

“One More” is divided into four characters, depicting the persistence and escape, hope and hesitation of young people in fashionable urban life. This love musical, produced by Zhou Weisheng and directed by Shi Yijun, starring popular actors Zhang Chao, Li Xiangzhe, Yan Zhongjie, Yu Silan, etc., combines love, family, music, dreams, reincarnation, tarot and other elements. Rich and three-dimensional, the story has tears and laughs.

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Yesterday afternoon, the crew met with the media for the first time. The actors performed scenes such as “Liu Tan repeats the same day”, “Liu Tan asks for help from his father”, “Liu Tan and Doren met for the first time”. Songs such as “Moon 4th” and “Tiao (skin) Tiao (skin)” are looking forward to.

During the interview, the main creative team shared their understanding of the source and creative concept of this musical. For the first time to challenge a musical with a large proportion of dance, Liu Tan’s actor Zhang Chao repeated practice to perform a large number of sliding movements in the play. He said: “This musical is the first musical for me to participate in dancing. I hope everyone will watch it. I was infected by my dancing in the process.”

Although “One More” is the purchased Korean copyright, the Korean version is a small theater performance. The production of the Chinese version is in accordance with the requirements of the large theater. In order to present better results, multiple large LED screens were added on the stage. Today and yesterday, reality and the past, constantly shuttle back and forth on the stage, character change and scene change require a seamless connection, which is a very big test for the crew. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Zhu Yuan)

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