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How was Pechito López’s debut with the Lexus in the LMGT3 category of the WEC

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How was Pechito López’s debut with the Lexus in the LMGT3 category of the WEC

José María López began a new stage in his sports career. At the age of 40, and aboard a Lexus RCF LMGT3, he participated in the 1812 kilometers of Qatar, on the Lusail circuit, where the first round of the WEC (World Endurance Championship) took place.

“Pechito” (who shares the car with the Japanese Takeshi Kimura and the French-Canadian Esteban Masson) finished in 16th place as a result of mechanical problems experienced by the unit prepared by the Akkodis ASP Team.

It is a new car and with which the team recently made contact. Further development is expected throughout the season. But in Qatar, the Lexus showed complications that distanced them from the leading cars. Added to that was that, during the race, Kimura was penalized twice, ruining the good performance that Masson had had, who came in eighth.

The Lexus of “Pechito” López in action during the 1812 kilometers of Qatar, on the initial date of the World Endurance Championship. (WEC Press)

“Pechito” took over driving in the fourth hour of competition and got the most out of the car to climb to 11th place. Then, he handed the car over to Kimura, but the Japanese had to enter the pits due to a mechanical problem that took about 40 minutes. of repair work before returning to the track.

Masson went out on the track and López completed the race, finishing in 16th place. Meanwhile, the other Lexus abandoned after lap 249.

The winners in LMGT3 were Malykhin, Sturm and Bachler with a Porsche 911. James, Mancinelli and Riberas (Aston Martin Vantage) and Mateu, Bastard and Sorensen (Aston Martin Vantage) completed the podium.

The second date will be the 6 hours of Imola from April 19 to 21. With more than a month ahead until the next presentation, the Akkodis ASP Team will be able to work with all the experience of this first race to improve the performance of the Lexus for the event in Italy.

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