Home Entertainment Hu Xia sings the theme song of “Zero Limit” “The Boy Who Chased the Wind” MV to convey the passion of the Winter Olympic athletes to pursue their dreams_Han Geng_董颖达_Hu Xia Xian

Hu Xia sings the theme song of “Zero Limit” “The Boy Who Chased the Wind” MV to convey the passion of the Winter Olympic athletes to pursue their dreams_Han Geng_董颖达_Hu Xia Xian

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Original title: Hu Xia sang the MV of “Zero Limit” theme song “The Boy Who Chased the Wind” to convey the blood and dream-catching spirit of Winter Olympic athletes

Sohu Entertainment News. The movie “Zero Limit” starring Han Geng, Yin Fang, and Lang Yueting will officially land on the national theaters on January 14, and has now fully opened for pre-sale. Today, the film released the MV for the theme song “The Boy Who Chased the Wind”. The famous musician Dong Yingda and Hu Xia teamed up for the first time. The surging melody and the clear and high-pitched voice are combined, and the power is full.


Dong Yingda tailor-made lyrics and music Hu Xia strength VOCAL high-burning singing

The theme song of “Zero Limit” is written and composed by the famous musician Dong Yingda. The passionate style, brisk and cheerful melody are consistent with the “speed and passion” that comes with the snowboarding project. “I want to chase the wind and fly, even if the mountains are high and the water is long, even if no one knows, I have to rush forward and pursue the direction of the goal in my heart.” The lyrics of “The Boy Who Chased the Wind” speaks of perseverance and tenacious pursuit of the dreams of the athletes. His ardent praise and inspirational interpretation of the spirit of modern sports, the young people have a youthful spirit.

Hu Xia is known as “born VOCAL” and “clear spring singer” with his clear voice and stable high pitch. This time the performance of “The Young Man Who Chased the Wind”, Hu Xia Lin Laiquan rhyme, and the unique timbre of moving Liang Chen also brought unique recognition to this song.

“Team Zero” Zhanfeng Feixiang upholds the original intention to pay tribute to the Winter Olympics

The movie “Zero Limit” is directed by Ye Weimin. It takes snowboarding, one of the most watched sports in the Winter Olympics, as the theme. (Played by Yin Fang) The story of rekindling fighting spirit and fighting for the Winter Olympics under the encouragement of others.

The newly exposed MV of “The Boy Who Chased the Wind” first “spoiler” a lot of plot lines: Han Geng and Yin Fang were killed by a huge snowstorm, especially starring in Wu Jing surprise appearance, while the cool U-shaped pool competition, super speed The 70-kilometer cross-country competition and a large number of action scenes made people feel the high burning index and powerful appeal of the film in advance. Many netizens said that “the skiing DNA in the body has moved.”

“Zero Limit” starred by Han Geng, Yin Fang, Lang Yueting, starring Yan Zhuoling, Liu Xianda, Dong Chang, Benjamin, especially Wu Jing, Jiang Wu, Li Chen, and friendly starring Liu Zhibing, Ding Haifeng, Shi Zhaoqi, Zhou Xiaoou, Kou Zhanwen, Zhao Yi, etc. Join the “Team Zero” to challenge the limit, live up to the love, and fight for dreams and honor.Return to Sohu to see more


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