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Hua Chenyu’s “Meng Detective 2” ended successfully, incarnation of the reasoning king Jing won the best MVP of the season_music_program_audience

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Hua Chenyu’s “Meng Detective 2” ended successfully, incarnation of the reasoning king Jing won the best MVP of the season_music_program_audience

Original title: Hua Chenyu’s “Meng Detective 2” ended successfully and turned into a reasoning king Jing Jing won the best MVP of the season

The second season of the IP immersive reasoning reality show “Meng Detective Detective Case” has come to a successful conclusion recently. The “Meng Detective Family” obtained clues and anti-routine reasoning through the suspicious points of the plot and high-energy games to solve the mystery for the audience one by one, contributing a lot Laughter and tears. Among them, Hua Chenyu, as a guest in the new season, has fun performing classic roles such as “Mingtai”, “Huahua Class”, “Jiujianxian”, “Naruto”, “Xie Yongqiang”, “Lu Xiucai”, etc., and immersed into the role to enhance the character’s sense of belief , which made the audience wanton “quick wear” in various IPs, and it was full of praise. At the same time, with his super-high logic and reasoning ability, he frequently performed high-energy output in the program, unlocked 6 silver clever badges and 1 golden clever badge, and won the MVP of this season’s cute detective reasoning. The multifaceted Hua Chenyu. In addition, he never forgets his original intention, transforming into a walking music jukebox, piano guitar and other musical instruments at his fingertips, and the god-level performance of “classic film and television episode + fancy interpretation + character shaping” brings the ultimate 3.0 effect, and dares to Facing the controversy of the works, conveying the unique musical attitude of the younger generation, it condenses many beautiful memories.

Hua Chenyu’s first resident reasoning variety show has been well received, and the “Detective Flower” has a strong output to grasp the overall situation

During the broadcast of the entire season of “Meng Detective 2”, Hua Chenyu was praised for his rational thinking and strong reasoning ability, as if he had a “God’s perspective” and a strong output of “carry”. As early as in the pilot film, he perfectly explained that “high-end hunters often appear in the form of prey”. First, he pretended that the song that the baby sang just now was not in tune, which stimulated the opponent’s desire to win. Then, under Song Dandan’s “God Assist”, the baby successfully said “I sing better than Hua Chenyu” and successfully completed the hidden task. After the first small test of her skills, Huahua was even more active in the subsequent shows, not letting go of every detail when investigating the undercover, with tight logic, pressing step by step, and telling the most penetrating clues in the gentlest tone, several times. Force the undercover to submit obediently; when he has the identity of an undercover, even if the clues are exposed, he will not give up hope, but will find opportunities to lead his teammates to turn against the wind. Wu Tong, the chief director of the show, also said: “Huahua is the most “headache” guest, not only will he dismantle and analyze it on the spot, but he will also discuss with him after the show what he did well, which is exactly what Huahua is aware of. In the first issue of “New Biography of the Demon Cat”, he used philosophical dialectical thinking to propose the dual logic of reality and virtual world, instantly sublimating the theme and enhancing the audience’s resonance. When asked whether to rely on intuition or reasoning analysis, he bluntly said: “I also have intuition, but try not to judge in this way when recording the program, but to present the complete reasoning process through logical analysis, which can allow the audience to get more A good experience.” This kind of heart and brain also won unanimous praise from the audience, and everyone shouted: Hua Chenyu won elegantly and beautifully! Huahua really won the whole game!

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The walking accompaniment player staged a self-introverted sincere musical attitude and frequently moved the audience

In addition to being a stalk in the show and contributing to the scene of god-level reasoning many times, Hua Chenyu also brought his sincere musical attitude to the show, and led the audience to enjoy the audio-visual feast while decompressing and relaxing with his unique musical aesthetics. In the episode of “Our Childhood”, he turned into a prince of amusement and sang the theme song of “Family with Children”, which was able to tease the audience’s DNA; the theme of “New Biography of the Demon Cat”, “Clouds like clothes and flowers, and the spring breeze on the threshold of Revlon”, amazed four people. , a few notes will bring everyone into the endless stories of the prosperous Tang culture. According to the director’s recollection, this song “Qing Ping Tiao” was composed and given to the director team by him in a few minutes; he also reunited with Zuo Li and Ning Huanyu on the program “You were once a boy”, accompanied by the sound of BGM, The scene of the 2013 Fast Boys Competition is still vivid in my mind. Nine years of time have made them fade away, but they have not changed their dedication to music and their companionship with each other… No matter what scene they are in, Hua Chenyu can always find a match for the show. The most appropriate form of musical expression for the theme, precisely hits the audience’s point of view, and brings the surprise effect of 1+1>2. In addition, he also brought his own music to many wonderful stages. The stage of the last episode of “Purple” and “Jackdaw Boys” lit up the audience. Many audience members said: Hua Chenyu’s music will always be on his own path! Interestingly, he also used music to save his teammates many times. In the first issue of “Wulin Gaiden”, the baby failed to answer the question. He quickly responded that “I Love You” is the three songs of “I”, “Love” and “You”. And he said the singers respectively, Sha Yi couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This is the Quku expert!” After fully releasing his talents, he also faced the controversy of the song “Cancer” for the first time. Facing complaints and doubts, his sincere attitude It is also admirable and fully demonstrates his research and dedication to music.

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In the whole season of “Meng Tan Tan Case”, Hua Chenyu first integrated his own sense of variety show and high emotional intelligence into the show, and then fully mobilized his musical heritage accumulated over the years, so that his own characteristics and the program’s high-quality genes collided to stimulate strong emotions. The sparks enabled it to fully output in new fields, leaving countless unforgettable moments for the audience.

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