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“Huang Pi: The God of Wealth Cat” Captivates Audiences with Bilingual, Nervous Comedy Animated Film

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“Huang Pi: The God of Wealth Cat” Captivates Audiences with Bilingual, Nervous Comedy Animated Film

The Mandarin-Cantonese bilingual “nervous comedy” animated film “Huang Pi: The God of Wealth” has been released today, with six highlights waiting for the audience to unlock one by one. The film also released its Mandarin and Cantonese bilingual theme song “The Way of the God of Wealth” and its MV today. The song was music directed by “Kuiba” series director Wang Chuanren, arranged by Feng Xiaowei, and sung by Huang Pi’s motion capture and dubbing Li Meng. Accompanied by the magical brainwashing music, the beaming God of Wealth cat Huang Pi and his five-way clones perform the “money dance” to attract wealth.
“The world is so big and everyone loves my cat’s claw.”

Highlight 1: The cat, the Chinese God of Wealth, descends to the mortal world to distribute money.
The gods of China have been constantly told and updated over the course of time. With different atmospheres of the times and different regional cultures, the story of the God of Wealth is often told and updated. As the saying goes: “Every cat is a god of wealth waiting to be transformed.” This is an era that needs cats. In the film, Huang Pi and the five avatars have different personalities. Each avatar corresponds to the southeast, northwest, middle, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, benevolence, justice, etiquette, wisdom and trust, palace, business, angle, Zhengyu, red, yellow, green, black and white. They speak the dialects of different regions. The awesome slash cat. The Chinese God of Wealth Cat “Huang Pi” descends to earth and plants a money tree for the world. The divine cat comes to distribute money, and people will become rich in the Year of the Dragon. Just like what is sung in the theme song “The Way of the God of Wealth”: “Come with me, follow me, come with me to make a fortune. Red envelopes will fly over. May you be happy and colorful every year, and be prosperous and peaceful every year.”

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Highlight 2: Neurotic comedy becomes “mouth substitute”, the magical cat goes crazy and “the world is different for me” empathizes fiercely
“Huang Pi: The God of Wealth Cat” innovatively uses an anti-routine and experimental “nervous comedy” form in animated films, with high-density dialogue, high-concentration plots, absurd dialogue behaviors, and a small theater-style human world. Vientiane is an aspect and microcosm of society, and a collection of public life attitudes and emotions. Huang Pi and the five-way clones are either lying flat, anxious or crazy, acting out my mental state; using Huang Pi and the five-way clones as “mouth substitutes”, they are embedded in many themes such as art, philosophy, literature, music, etc. The stalks have bright spots. There is truth in the comedy.

Highlight 3: The Chinese and Cantonese bilingual Chinese New Year flavors are vivid and unique in five dialects
As a bilingual animation in Cantonese and Mandarin, the Cantonese version of this film is performed by voice actors from various regions in Hong Kong and Guangdong. It contains a large number of unique Cantonese slang words that make people laugh. It is full of fortune-bringing atmosphere, more pyrotechnics, and more life-like. Cantonese version dubbing director He Chun said during the road show that the Cantonese dubbing incorporates the diverse dialects of Guangdong, such as Hakka, Chaoshan, etc., on the one hand, he hopes that the audience can feel the charm of their hometown, and on the other hand, they can embody the charm of their hometown. The mental outlook of different regions. The Mandarin version of the Five-Way God of Wealth is spoken in five dialects including Cantonese, Hokkien, Shanxi, and Tangshan dialects, making it lively and down-to-earth. Among them, dubbing master Yang Tianxiang dubbed the zodiac official Yuanliang in “Hu Spicy Soup”, which made the audience love and hate this character.

Highlight 4: The motion capture acting skills of professional actors throughout the film inject the soul of the characters
“Huang Pi: The God of Wealth Cat descends from the sky” adopts real-person motion capture for the entire film. The film invites Wang Zi, the “mime prince” who has participated in the “Annual Comedy Competition”, Li Meng, a national first-class actor from the China Children’s Art Theater, as the lead. Yan Nan, who has starred in more than 30 dramas, and other actors interpret the unique characters in the film and inject new soul into the characters. Motion capture is a great test of the actor’s acting skills and performance coherence, and the performance requires a whole scene of non-stop filming. Huang Pi’s motion capture actor Li Meng revealed that the dialogue between characters and changes in scheduling were all worked out by the actors bit by bit. Although it is very hard, it is very meaningful to make such an attempt for the first time, and each character also incorporates the vivid personality of the actors. The film finally presented an accurate and smooth effect, and one has to admire the actors’ rich acting skills, understanding of the characters and the production team’s excellent synthesis technology.

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Point 5: The beauty of traditional art connects to the realm of gods and the fireworks of the human world
The film sets a world view based on Chinese mythology. Huangpi belongs to the family of the mythical beasts Tenghuang and Pixiu, which can connect the three realms of heaven, earth, and humans, and can travel through ancient and modern times, thus creating a multi-dimensional space with mixed time and space and endless changes. The visual elements of the famous scene “Ascension of the Yellow Pit to Immortality” are derived from the mural “Journey to the West” created by the commissioned artist. It mainly draws on the art of Dunhuang murals, from which you can see traditional Chinese art shapes such as flying apsaras and auspicious clouds. In order to strengthen the overall atmosphere and increase the sense of volume, the art team also referred to the processing methods of gold foil paintings and prints, allowing the 3D digital Huangpi to swim among the green mountains and rivers, hoping that everyone can see and fall in love with the unique and magnificent beauty of traditional Chinese art.

Highlight 6: Film music styles are ever-changing, a graceful blend of tradition and modernity
The film music of “Huang Pi: The God of Wealth Cat Descends from the Sky” is “both traditional and modern”. It not only has the magical wealth-beckoning song “Huang Pi, the God of Wealth” that is suitable for the Spring Festival atmosphere, but also makes people unable to stop the cycle in their brains; There is the Sanxian folk ballad “The Man with a Story”, which sings about the difficulty of working hard and struggling in a foreign land; there is the space rock “The World Is Not Worth It”, and the famous Henan Opera segment “The Toast Song”; there are both Suona, Sanxian, and Bass, guitar, drums… Such rich and ever-changing music makes the film even more colorful to the ears.

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The Mandarin-Cantonese bilingual animated film “Huang Pi: The God of Wealth Cat descends from the sky” is produced by Lu Wei, who has led the production of “Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage” and “Kang Rinpoche”, and is produced by Wang Chuan, the director of the “Quiba” series As a producer and music director, directed by Bai Ding and Guan Yang, produced by Shenzhen Yuankong Cultural Creative Co., Ltd., Beijing Sky City Cultural Creative Co., Ltd., Beijing Sky City Film and Television Co., Ltd., and Maihai Xingxing Film and Television (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the film is currently It’s hot, come and collect the fortune in the Year of the Dragon, pick up the magical cat and get good luck.

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