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Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian, “Wind from Luoyang” takes you “through” the god city Luoyang

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On November 29th, the legendary drama “Wind from Luoyang” of the ancient Chinese city released a special edition of the world view. The original work Ma Boyong personally appeared to show the audience the extremely prosperous Shendu Luoyang layout, revealing the role of the two overhead institutions of Lianfang and Neiwei, and left the audience with suspense: in the prosperous Shendu Luoyang and the bad side of marginalization Between the wells, what kind of secret is hiding in the sky?

Produced by iQiyi, Liubai Film and Television, Luoyang Cultural Insurance Group, original work by Ma Boyong, director Xie Ze, chief screenwriter Qing Mei, Wu Cong, lead male starring actress Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo, female starring Song Qian, special starring Song Yi , Yong Mei, specially invited starring, Liu Duanduan specially invited, Zhang Duo, Zhang Li, Zhang Xilin, Gao Shuguang, Shi Yu, Ning Wentong, Feng Hui specially starred.

  The world view turns “virtual” into “real”, and the audience intuitively feels the charm of Huaxia Ancient City

In the latest release of the “Wind up Luoyang” world view special, every frame of the picture is full of details: as the land capital of China and the capital of the thirteen dynasties, Luoyang is synonymous with beauty and prosperity. Located in the convenient location of the Sanchuan River Valley, Luoyang is a prosperous place where the people live and work in peace and contentment. The Nanshi city, which is “bubbling the mountains, all-encompassing; the noisy day and night, the lights are endless”, is enough to satisfy all the audience’s imagination about the “shen capital of Luoyang”, not to mention the hot and spicy soup, mutton soup, and beef soup. The fragrant Luoyang delicacies make people “travel” back to Luoyang, the god capital at the time, in a second.

Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian,

In addition to the panoramic view of Nanshi, which is a very charming scene of the cultural characteristics of the gods, “Wind Up Luoyang” was also produced with epic magnificent behind-the-scenes, constructing a god city full of oriental imagination in Luoyang, making the audience feel more empty and vague. The two-dimensional impression becomes a real three-dimensional picture, giving the audience a truly intuitive experience. At the same time, the audience also walked into the world of “Wind up Luoyang” step by step along with the special, and “entered” along with the camera and the perspective of the characters: in the mysterious connection, they watched the wind and grass of the city of Luoyang, in the bad well in the dark. Feel the dark, damp, desolate and desolate incompatible with the prosperity of the gods. Under the guidance of the delicate lens, the audience can experience the panoramic “punch-in” God Capital world, experience the real fireworks in the play, and personally feel the romantic Luoyang world described by Ma Boyong.

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Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian,

  Multi-dimensional analysis of the world of God City, advanced immersive “entry” to start the whole network to chase drama craze

From the finalized preview to the world view special, “The Wind Rise from Luoyang” has attracted much attention since it was finalized. In just one week last week, “Wind from Luoyang” won a total of 148 hot searches, including 10 overseas hot searches. Gradually drive the audience to analyze the plot independently, and lay a solid foundation for the audience’s enthusiasm for the drama.

Behind the hot search of “Wind up Luoyang” is the enthusiasm for watching the drama visible to the naked eye of the audience. Up to now, the number of scheduled viewers has reached 3.648 million. The trailers and materials released successively in “Wind up Luoyang” gradually show and analyze the grand world view of God Capital to the audience in multiple dimensions, while also reducing the audience’s threshold for watching the drama as much as possible, and guiding the audience to “get into the pit” without barriers: Released on the 24th, the “Gui Zang Feng” version of the finalized preview presents for the first time a spectacular world of ancient oriental beauty, and passed the bad ambassador Gao Bingzhu (Huang Xuan), the investigator Baili Hongyi (Wang Yibo) and Nei Wei The inner monologues and character settings of the three Wu Siyue (Song Qian) guide the audience to follow the three protagonists into this intriguing story.

Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian,

At the press conference on the 26th, Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian and other creators told the audience about the world of God in their eyes and introduced their roles to the audience. Huang Xuan claimed that Gao Bingzhu he played as a “lone wolf-like character”, with a heavy background and complex and rich inner changes; Wang Yibo praised Baili Hongyi for being an extremely clever “technical stream” and having his own 3D mind about terrain; Song Qian It means that Wu Siyue is the “guardian” of a god with great love in her heart. The trio’s analysis of the roles deepened the audience’s cognition of the world outlook of “Wind from Luoyang”. In the end, the main creative team revealed a number of colorful eggs in the show such as “The Dark Road Map of Spring and Autumn Road” and “Furong Peony Order”, which made the audience’s expectations of “Wind up Luoyang” burst in an instant.

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Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian,

In addition, the crew warmed up at the right time and released a lot of materials such as character science pictures, scene analysis pictures, character relationship diagrams, full lineup group portrait posters, etc., to help the audience do their homework in advance and let the audience have a sense of the world view of the gods. A more concrete understanding. Many netizens even started the “Baili Hongyi Mode” based on the material, and reasoned about the many information hidden in the material, whether it was a guess about the meaning of the “combination of flowers” between Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue, or the “Yang Niang” The deduction of the faction of this character, including the close relationship between the saint and the king of Dongchuan, all analyze the ground truth. The series has been so popular before it even airs, it can be predicted that “Wind up Luoyang” will definitely lead to an upsurge in the whole network after it goes live.

  “Wind from Luoyang” takes the lead to present the magnificent world of “Luoyang of China Ancient City and Universe”

At the “Luoyang” and “Wind up Luoyang” episodes launched on the 26th, iQiyi officially released the new concept of “China Ancient City Universe”, which focuses on breaking characters, time, space and stories. Barrier, the innovative model of “IP + Ancient City” that integrates the intellectual and cultural IP and the concrete city IP to develop. It evolves the concepts of traditional elements of time and space to diversification. Virtual, reality, and surreal have become a three-dimensional existence in human technological breakthroughs and cognitive breakthroughs triggered by them.

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Wang Xiaohui, President and Chief Content Officer of iQIYI Professional Content Business Group (PCG), once said: “Building the’China Ancient City Universe’ is by no means telling a story among various categories, but hoping that they are connected.” This also means. In the future, iQiyi will rely on the five series of “Wind from Longxi”, “Wind from Luoyang”, “Dunhuang”, “Fifteenth of Two Beijings”, and “Thirteen Lines of Guangzhou” as the five IP origins to make a leap The shuttle development of time and space presents a huge meta-universe.

“Wind from Luoyang” will be exclusively launched on iQiyi on December 1, so stay tuned!

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