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Huawei Music released the 2022 annual list to deepen the “ear economy”

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Huawei Music released the 2022 annual list to deepen the “ear economy”

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Yang]Music is called the common language of mankind.

Everyone’s love for music is integrated into daily life, commuting, and even watching games. I always like to let music accompany me when I am free and resting. At the end of each year, major music platforms will take stock of the songs that are particularly popular that year, or use big data to let users know more about the types of music they like.

Huawei Music also released the 2022 annual list today. The list takes stock of new Chinese songs, popular Chinese songs, popular songs in Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, Chinese musicians, and editor’s recommendations in 2022. It also includes the annual hit Hi-Classical, the annual hit HiMix, the annual hit Hi-Res, member-only, spatial audio, digital albums and other categories have brought a music feast to music lovers.

The 2022 song annual list of Huawei Music has witnessed the popular trend of the music world and recorded the change of listeners’ preference for music. In fact, judging from the many dimensions of this list, we can also find that everyone’s life is getting richer and richer, so more subdivisions have emerged on the list.

To sum up, the current music platform needs to have at least“Full”, “Good”, “Special”advantage in order to meet the needs of consumers.

“Comprehensive”, the first thing to bear the brunt is the need for comprehensive music coverage. Whether it is popular or classical, consumers can respond immediately to any type of song or the work of any musician. Huawei Music can publish this annual list precisely because it relies on Huawei’s terminal products to cover a huge user base around the world, and cooperates with global copyright companies to provide tens of millions of music libraries and hundreds of millions of audio radio content.

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Another aspect of “fullness” is that the types of terminals should also be comprehensive. In addition to mobile phones, we also have smart speakers, tablets, wearable devices, smart screens, car machines and other devices. These devices meet the needs of different people in our lives. Scenarios, especially at the moment when smart cars are becoming popular, car music occupies an absolutely important position in the travel scene, and music services also need to be naturally extended to the entire scene. Users can use different devices in different scenarios and enjoy music content of the same quality.

“Good”, in the current environment, naturally refers to the quality of music. High-quality music is rich in details, can restore the sense of presence, and can also maximize the effect of users’ high-quality headphones. Therefore, among the membership rights of major music platforms, the most important one is to be able to enjoy the highest quality music content.

There is a Hi-Res zone in Huawei Music, covering a rich music library of classical, pop, jazz, and film and television original sound. High-resolution audio is obtained by digitally sampling the original analog audio source, and you can listen to music of up to 192kHz/24 bit quality online.

“Speciality” is mainly reflected in the fact that music platforms need to have their own unique advantages. For example, some music platforms feature audio novels, and some platforms feature unique sound effects tuning, or exclusive access to new albums of certain well-known singers, etc. In addition to being able to provide ultra-high-quality music content, Huawei Music has also set up many unique music zones, such as the Hi-Classical Classical Zone, which operates as an IP for high-quality classical music. The conservatory of music and industry artists are jointly operated to arrange high-quality content according to user needs. There is also “spatial audio” launched in September this year. The spatial audio based on Audio Vivid allows users to feel music surrounded by music, just like standing in a band The front is the same, and the drum sound can be distinguished from the front right, and the bass sound is coming from the left, with a richer sense of hearing.

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Previously, the music platform software that came with the mobile phone was often regarded as useless by users. After buying a new mobile phone, the first thing to install is the most commonly used music, video and other applications. Through long-term and meticulous operations, Huawei has built Huawei Music into a music platform that does not lose to third parties, and has even begun to occupy a place in the entire music market. It can also provide users with more convenient and high-quality products when combined with hardware and software products such as Hongmeng system and Huawei headphones. Music experience, deeply cultivate the “ear economy” and form a positive cycle of the entire industry chain of products, platforms, and content.

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