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Huludao Restores Filming Scenes for ‘Riding the Wind and Waves’ and Attracts Tourists to Xingcheng

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Huludao restores scenes from the play and travels to Xingcheng with “Riding the Wind and Waves”

The TV series “Riding the Wind and Waves” has set the city of Huludao ablaze, drawing in crowds of tourists to Xingcheng in search of filming locations from the popular show. The Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Xingcheng has taken advantage of this interest by launching a “fan fan” mode, where they have restored some of the iconic scenes from the TV series for visitors to experience firsthand.

Director of the Xingcheng Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yang Lili, explained the effort that went into restoring the filming locations. “Since most of the scenes set up during the filming have been dismantled, we repeatedly watched the TV series to find the filming locations and restored some of the filming locations,” she said. The streets and alleys of Xingcheng have been transformed to reflect the 1980s era depicted in the show, allowing visitors to take photos and immerse themselves in the experience.

In addition to the restored scenes, Xingcheng City will also be hosting the “Ancient City Cultural Festival” during the May Day holiday, featuring a variety of activities such as a Hanfu Cultural Image Ambassador Promotion Competition and immersive performances. The newly built Bingjiawan road leading to the sea and the colorful lighthouse will also serve as new check-in spots for tourists looking to capture the perfect holiday photo.

Xingcheng City is capitalizing on the success of “Riding the Wind and Waves” to showcase its cultural heritage and attract more visitors. By turning the influx of tourists into a promoter of local cultural tourism and economic development, the city aims to establish itself as an “Internet celebrity” destination and create a strong cultural tourism brand.

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With plans to engage with the show’s creators and highlight Xingcheng’s unique offerings, the city is poised to continue its growth as a popular tourist destination. Residents and visitors alike can look forward to a vibrant holiday season filled with cultural experiences and memorable moments in Xingcheng.

By Ma Dongxu, Jiang Fan
Edited by Yang Xu
Reviewed by Xu Xiaojing

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