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Hungry badger discovers a treasure trove of Roman coins

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On the hunt for berries and worms, a hungry badger has unearthed the largest collection of Roman coins ever discovered in Northern Spain, later authenticated by two archaeologists. The precious discovery took place near the mammal’s lair, in the municipality of Grado, in Asturias, when scholars went to visit the cave of La Cuesta accompanied by a local resident.

According to the archaeological report published in a specialized magazine and relaunched by the Spanish media, the “exceptional discovery” consists of 209 coins dated between the third and fifth centuries AD. According to the reconstruction of the facts, the precious discovery made by chance by the animal dates back to in January 2021, when the storm Filomena hit Spain and heavy snow hit Asturias.

Scholars have attributed the unusual find to the badger because it occurred near its lair. Digging for food, he opened a small crack in the ground which instead contained the ancient treasure, obviously of little interest to him. According to one of the researchers, cited by El Pais, coins like these were made in distant places, including Constantinople (today’s Istanbul, Turkey) and Thessaloniki, Greece. In the past, other treasures had been found in the thick woods of Grado.

Among these, about 14 gold coins appeared in the 1930s dating back to the reign of Constantine I, Roman emperor who reigned from 306 to 337 AD. After this last important “accidental” discovery, the culture department of Asturias will undertake new projects of archaeological research with the hope of finding other treasures.

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