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Created by the ingenuity of Haohan Entertainment, the urban emotional drama “I Really Love You” jointly produced by Hanyi Film and Television and Chaowu Night 9 will continue to be broadcast tonight. Xiao Yan (played by Liu Tao) is accused of “workplace bullying”. Facing a lawsuit; Chen Jiaorui (played by Wang Yuanke)’s postpartum sluggishness caused conflicts between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and Mo Ming (played by Du Chun) ignoring his wife due to work embarrassment intensified family conflicts. More excitement will be presented in the drama tonight. It is reported that Liu Tao is the producer, Lu Xing is directed, Ding Ding and Wang Wanping are screenwriters, and Yu Yi is the producer. Liu Tao, Du Chun, Li Nian, Wang Yuanke, Yuan Wenkang, Wang Tianchen, Dai Xu and Sui Lan starring. The show is broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Dragon TV at 19:30 every night. Members of iQiyi and Tencent Video follow the TV at 22:00 every night. Non-members will be transferred to the TV at 22:00 the next day.

Xiao Yan fell into “workplace bullying” accusing Mo Ming of ignoring his wife Chen Jiaorui, causing a family crisis

In the episode aired last night, Xiao Yan (played by Liu Tao), who is proud of her career, encountered a workplace crisis for the first time. She was not yet married because of an improper statement that “all the streets are full of child slaves” caused a crisis of trust among customers, and cooperation was on the verge of failure. Chen Jiaorui (played by Wang Yuanke) is about to give birth to raise her baby at home. Her mother gave up traveling to take care of her daughter at home, but she couldn’t get used to her husband Mo Ming (played by Du Chun). The family relationship became increasingly tense. Although Xiao Yan and You Ya (played by Li Nian), who are in a crisis of friendship, break the ice, can the friendship between the two with completely different concepts of marriage and childbearing be reconciled as before?

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In the fifth and sixth episodes to be broadcast tonight, Chen Jiaorui’s daughter was born, but what followed was an irreconcilable difference in the concept of parenting between the two generations. I hope to do everything by myself, the conservative mother-in-law who wants her daughter-in-law to have a second child, and the novice mother who is eager to return to the workplace as soon as possible, and the conflict between the two is looming. And Mo Ming, who promised to take care of the child together before delivery, but was busy coping with the work situation after the child was born and ignored his wife, became the last straw to crush Chen Jiaorui, who became ill after childbirth. What about the precarious family conflicts? Relieve?

Xiao Yan, who is focused on her career, has not only fallen into allegations of “workplace bullying”, but there have even been members of the team who have leaked the company’s trade secrets. How can she clean up her grievances? How will the “commercial espionage” in the team be handled properly? Everything is answered in the plot tonight.

Challenge and upgrade the protagonist team to take over the dilemma

Since the start of the series, “I Really Love You” has attracted a large number of netizens with a strong plot, fast-paced plot setting, true and delicate story trend, full and vivid character depiction, and diverse discussions on current social topics. s concern. The volume of discussion on the plot also increased in a rocket-like manner. For example, the friendship crisis between Xiao Yan and You Ya due to the circle of friends seems to be a simple question of “should we block the circle of friends”, but what we want to express at a deeper level is “how to maintain friendship with old friends when life experiences are different.” ? The mutual respect and care between Xiao Yan and You Ya conveyed the rich humanistic care and realistic thinking of the drama to the audience.

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In the drama to be aired tonight, the seemingly common family problem of the contradiction between the two generations of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in parenting concepts actually hides deeper thinking. This drama uses this contradiction to raise a new question-in modern society, in the process of women’s pregnancy and childcare in the workplace, as their husbands, what responsibilities should men shoulder?

The TV series “I Really Love You”, which is a collection of the industry’s top creative teams and capable actors, is now being broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Dragon TV. Two episodes are broadcast every night at 19:30. Members of iQiyi and Tencent Video 22 On-demand TV, non-members will be exempted at 22:00 the next day, so please watch.

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