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I Went to a Medium and Was Shocked by What He Knew About Me

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I Went to a Medium and Was Shocked by What He Knew About Me

Psychic Medium Christopher Allan amazes skeptic with personal information

CNN- Marianne Garvey, a skeptic, was surprised to be told extremely personal details about her life by psychic medium Christopher Allan. When scheduling the initial Zoom session, she was skeptical that he’d be able to tell her anything that wasn’t already publicly available on the internet – but she was quickly proven wrong.

Allan shared that his psychic ability had been present from a young age, having flashbacks to his spiritual life. Despite initially attempting to suppress his abilities, he decided to embrace them as he got older and now uses these gifts to read for others. Allan’s unique ability to see and hear the spiritual world comes through symbols and emotion rather than words.

The impressive psychic abilities of Allan were showcased during his Zoom session with Marianne Garvey. Surprisingly, Allan was able to accurately connect Garvey with messages from her family members who had passed away, sharing specific personality traits and medical information unexpected from a stranger. The experience left Garvey, once a skeptic, completely convinced. “All I can say is that I am no longer a skeptic,” she said.

Allan’s event on December 20 at the Midnight Theater in New York, titled “Brunched by an Angel,” is expected to be widely attended. The producer, Shane Farley, has described the intimate setting as a “magical portal to forgiveness and deep connections.” Allan’s unique ability to bring solace to those seeking to connect with departed loved ones has garnered a lot of attention, with accolades from skeptics and believers alike.

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Garvey is just one example of the many lives impacted by Allan. His unique gifts have provided healing and comfort to those seeking connection to the spiritual world. Whether or not you believe in mediums, Christopher Allan’s psychic abilities are truly impressive and bringing solace to many.

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