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If the world of dreams plunges into a nightmare

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If the world of dreams plunges into a nightmare

Taken from his realm by an English sorcerer, Morpheus, the King of Dreams (Tom Sturridge), is stripped and robbed of his objects with which he rules his power, only to be locked up in a glass prison. While he is trapped in the dungeons of a mansion, the world of dreams falls apart, people suffer numerous sleep disturbances – so much so that some never wake up again – and nightmares run wild among mortals.

When after a century he finally manages to free himself, Morpheus will have to retrieve his objects, which have fallen into the hands of an exorcist, a demon and a psychopath respectively. So he will have to avert a crisis that could annihilate the universe: a dream vortex has manifested itself on Earth, in the person of the young Rose Walker.

Adaptation of the homonymous comic masterpiece by Neil Gaiman, drawn in the very first issues by the excellent Sam Kieth, The sandman is one of the most ambitious series produced by Netflix (with Warner Bros. Television). In fact, several well-known English actors participate in small parts, from Charles Dance to Jenna Coleman and Stephen Fry. The transposition is signed by the same writer as Portchesteralong with DC comic book veteran David Goyer and Allan Heinberg, who also divided his career between American TV and comics (from Sex and the city to the series of Shonda Rhimes but give it too Young Avengers a Wonder woman). The sandman it is in fact very faithful to the original, with dialogues and scenes traced from the comic, updated to a greater representation of the world queer, ethnic minorities and women. It so happens that in the first episodes we find almost a homosexual couple per episode, the pale death has become a black woman and John Constantine and Lucien are now Joanna and Lucienne.

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Excluded the references to the world of DC comics superheroes, which also disappeared quite soon from the comic series, The sandman it is a metaphysical and very ambitious fantasy, but not very inspired. There is too much reliance on CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and, in an effort not to alienate any viewer, the horror rate is reduced. The fifth episode is an exception, the most unhealthy one, not surprisingly supported by the interpretation of the brilliant David Thewlis.

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On the other hand, the Corinthian nightmare / serial killer (Boyd Holbrook), whose role has been expanded to overexposure and whose CGI make-up (we are talking about a character who has two toothed mouths instead of eyes) is very little scary disturbing than it should be. Likewise hell is more mundane, with demons mostly anthropomorphic and almost polished by computer rendering graphic. Morpheus himself played by Tom Sturridge is basically a completely reassuring figure, also because the episode in which his behavior was most cruel is the only one to have been skipped in the transposition of this first season.

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