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“If they cannot be aligned in the program…”

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“If they cannot be aligned in the program…”

Javier Miley once again strains the relationship with the governors in the midst of the debate over May Pact. At the exit of the ExpoAgro 2024, The President demanded that the provincial leaders vote in favor of the Omnibus Law if you want him Government send funds to the provinces.

From San Nicolás, a reporter from the C5N news channel asked Milei if the fiscal relief for the provinces is subject to the approval of the law.

The response was forceful: “Obviously. Let’s say that it is part of a comprehensive program and if they are not aligned in the comprehensive program, these types of reforms cannot be made.he expressed.

On Monday it emerged that the Government will once again present the Omnibus Law in Congress with “an improvement in the fourth chapter”referring to the fiscal part.

In order to advance in the half-sanction of the project, the Government plans to collect the Income Tax to workers in the fourth category to “improve the income of the governors.” In this way, it is expected that there will be a greater flow of funds for the districts, since it is a co-participatory tax

Milei: «This is a blender and a chainsaw»

In an exhibition at Expoagro, the President once again vindicated the adjustment plan that he has promoted since the beginning of his administration.

«The fiscal adjustment continues, this is a blender and a chainsaw», he pondered during a private meeting in which Interior Minister Guillermo Francos, Karina Milei, Secretary General of the Presidency, and spokesperson Manuel Adorni also participated. Likewise, he declared to the leaders of the field that inflation in February will be around 15% and that the stocks would be lifted in the middle of the year “if everything goes well.”

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In that sense, Milei highlighted the dismissal of 50 thousand public employees, the adjustment in the State and the elimination of public works. He also again maintained that when he began his government “inflation was at 15,000%” and assured that, thanks to his measures and that “he did not increase the monetary base”, “a sharp drop in inflation” began to occur.

As Noticias Argentinas learned, he began the private talk highlighting the importance of the sector in the economy and as a promoter of economic development, he reviewed the situation of the economy and the depth of the crisis.

He also commented on indices that show results of stabilization of the economy, while expressing confidence in the measures taken. He explained that the price corrections are due to the delay generated. He stated that there is social contention with the doubling of the universal child allowance.

He stressed that the Government encountered “a lot of corruption” and that it is being addressed. He assured that “once the economy is healthy they will open the trap,” something he indicated could happen mid-year.

May Pact: the Government summoned the governors for Friday, March 8

The Government called the governors of the provinces to a meeting, which will take place this Friday at Casa Rosadato advance the content of the May Pact, which is scheduled for May 25 in Córdoba.

«The Office of the President informs that the governors will be summoned this Friday, March 8, to Casa Rosada in order to establish the steps to follow for the signing of the May Pact. The National Government maintains its commitment to dialogue with the 23 governors and the Head of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in search of the necessary agreements to abandon recipes for failure and return to the path of prosperity, growth and development of our Homeland,” the Government announced through a press release.

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With information from C5N and Noticias Argentinas

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