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Imperfect character design is even more brilliant “Who is He” Wei Guoping and “Hurricane” An Xin’s similarities and differences-International Online

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Imperfect character design is even more brilliant “Who is He” Wei Guoping and “Hurricane” An Xin’s similarities and differences-International Online

Imperfect character design is even more brilliant “Who is he” Wei Guoping and “Hurricane” An Xin’s similarities and differences

The current criminal investigation suspense drama “Who is He” is Zhang Yi’s re-starring as a criminal policeman after “Hurricane”. The plot relies on the “Silver Serial Murder Case” and “Nanda Corpse Dismemberment Case” and other major cases to unfold the story, constantly throwing out exciting suspense The “hook” makes the audience want to stop following the drama. In addition to the fascinating plot, “Who is He” shows the dedication, persistence and responsibility of the older generation of public security officers through rich and three-dimensional characterization, and also artistically reproduces the impact and shock brought by the innovation of judicial concepts to a generation.

The same criminal policeman Wei Guoping will “roll over” when handling the case

The story of “Who is He” begins in 1988. During the hunt for a serial throat-cutting murderer on a rainy night, the young criminal guard Wei Guoping, played by Zhang Yi, witnesses his comrade-in-arms being stabbed to the throat by the murderer. Eight years later, the appalling dismemberment case occurred in Ningjiang City. At this time, Wei Guoping had grown into a mature captain of the criminal police. See through each other’s heart at a glance.

Wei Guoping’s biggest character trait is persistence, and he is obsessed with the police’s mission of arresting murderers. At the beginning of the series, Zhang Yi’s portrayal of Wei Guoping’s tenacity in solving the murder case is very moving. Whether Wei Guoping sinks into the dirty sewer to find the body, or leads the team to rummage through the garbage mountain day and night for clues to the case. They are so real that it is not suitable for the audience to follow the drama while eating. The service and the atmosphere of the times in the play are also shot with texture, which truly reproduces the era without high-tech means. The criminal police solve the case entirely by their personal ability and will. In the confrontation with the case-handling ideas of Professor Wu, an expert in the police field, Wei Guoping, who has rich experience in actual combat, has repeatedly won, allowing the case to be solved again and again. “Who is He” has played here, and the protagonist Wei Guoping seems to be that kind of omnipotent detective master again.

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However, the other side of Wei Guoping’s incomparable persistence is his self-lostness. The self-blame for the death of his comrade-in-arms and the throat-slitting murderer has been at large has become a knot in Wei Guoping’s heart that cannot be solved. He suffers from long-term insomnia and neurasthenia, and whenever he mentions the throat-slitting case, he will feel chest pain. When the throat-cutting plot appeared in the “Crossing Corpse Case”, Wei Guoping, who fell into obsession, ignored the doubts of his colleagues and determined that the arrested suspect was the culprit of the “Crossing Throat Case” that year, but the fingerprint identification results let Wei Guoping down. In the end, all previous efforts in solving the case were wasted. This is the rare protagonist “rollover” in criminal investigation dramas. “Who is He” buried a psychological dark line for Wei Guoping. After 8 episodes of foreshadowing, it exploded, breaking the highlight of Wei Guoping’s “strong personality”.

The same positive character Wei Guoping has “maliciousness” in his heart

In the play, in the criminal investigation business class, the word “maliciousness” explained by Professor Wu awakened the dreamer: the presumption of guilt is the malice in the hearts of the investigators. The bravery of the police lies not only in recklessness, but also in whether he dares to face his own heart , Do you dare to break your own thinking pattern, dare to overthrow yourself and deny yourself. This scene in “Who is He” corresponds to the first overhaul of the “Criminal Procedure Law” in 1996, and vividly interprets the profound jurisprudence of establishing the principle of the presumption of innocence. Wei Guoping, who has become paranoid all the way in the hunt for murderers, finally sees his inner demons, sees his own selfishness, sees his own “maliciousness”, and understands what kind of fairness and justice a policeman should pursue.

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Suddenly awakened, guilty and remorseful, ashamed… Zhang Yi gathered all Wei Guoping’s emotions into a silent tear in the performance. In this scene in “Who Is He”, the main character is reborn, the murder-hunting story is turning, and the theme of the work is sublimated. In terms of dramatic effect, it is comparable to the classic Gao Qiqiang’s rooftop blackening scene in “Hurricane”. Compared with criminal investigation melodramas that focus on solving crimes, “Who is He” focuses on characterization. The plot does not hesitate to sacrifice the aura of the protagonist, slow down the pace of the story, and let the characters complete the inner growth of “seeing themselves”.

After the popularity of “Hurricane”, how to create a positive role has become a topic of endless debate in public opinion. “Who is He” and “Hurricane” both play criminal policemen by Zhang Yi, and comparing them together will be instructive. If Wei Guoping in “Who is He” is a person with flaws and weaknesses, then An Xin in “Hurricane” is a perfect fighter. An Xin’s perfection is from the beginning to the end, the characters are stereotyped, the characters have no room for growth, and they are on a contour line from appearance to end. The work is obsessed with creating a selfless An Xin, thus giving up the exploration of the character’s heart. The audience can’t see An Xin’s inner conflict and struggle in the choice in the play. This is the biggest difference between An Xin and Gao Qiqiang in character creation. s difference.

The charm of artistic images comes from the real three-dimensional, excessive pursuit of perfection of positive characters will flatten the characters and turn them into a symbolic existence. Human nature is subtle, good and evil coexist, just like Wei Guoping in “Who is He”, even a person who pursues selflessness will have selfishness, and even produce “maliciousness” without knowing it. The charm of the character is greatly increased, and Wei Guoping’s “imperfection” makes the character unique. (Reporter Qiu Wei)

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