Home Entertainment In addition to the Martine Rose trend of “half drag”, what are the options? |Trends|Wearing|Half dragging

In addition to the Martine Rose trend of “half drag”, what are the options? |Trends|Wearing|Half dragging

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In addition to the Martine Rose trend of “half drag”, what are the options? |Trends|Wearing|Half dragging

Original title: In addition to Martine Rose, what other options are there for the trend of ‘half drag’?

Author: 1626 Trend Selection

For sneaker lovers, the recently popular sneakers and one-piece slippers may not match their own style, but summer sneakers are a little stuffy. At this time, a pair of trendy ‘semi-slippers’ are wearing It’s especially important to get in.

In this issue, we have selected 7 pairs of trendy ‘half drags’ with different styles, including products from fashion brands, designer brands and sports brands, to provide you with more inspiration for your outfits. Without further ado, let’s get to the point immediately.

Presumably the popular Lanvin Curb last year is still fresh in everyone’s memory. Under its leadership, this year’s shoe circle also blew the wind of bread shoes.

However, the heavy shoe body and solid materials make these shoes very hot in summer, and Lanvin has also handed over the best solution this summer.

Brand new Lanvin Curb Mule extendedfirmleather, andThe thick laces and bulky silhouette of the original are retained. But in the design, the heel was cut off drastically, and the hollow element was added to the shoe body, which was undoubtedly a bold move for Lanvin.

In fact, when wearing the Lanvin Curb Mule, it doesn’t look very different from the original Curb. But the wearing experience makes a world of difference, at least now your feet don’t have to sweat anymore.

The Nike Shox MR4 debuted on Martine Rose’s Spring 2023 runway during London Fashion Week, and its subversive look quickly attracted widespread attention in the shoe circle.

Nike Shox was born in 1984. The design of the mechanical cushioning system is very technological. It is an important part of the development of Nike sneaker technology.

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Martine Rose did not create a palette of joint names like other brands, but changed the classic silhouette of Shox. The heightened Shox cushioning column gives it a high-heeled sense of sight, while the square toe has a fun The formal feeling of blessing shoes.

The design of removing the heel wrap highlights the fashion sense of this pair of Shox MR4, which is in strong contrast with the sporty sense of the original version, and also has more possibilities in terms of wearing.

In addition to the joint name with ASICS, Kiko Kostadinov’s own shoes are also quite attractive. This year Kiko Kostadinov is back with the Wessex sneaker, a ‘half drag’ look that furthers the design of these hybrid models.

The shoe includes versatile tans and punchy pinks, and it’s not hard to see that the body continues the Velcro strap design on the previous Harkman and Jethra.

The shoe body is wrapped in leather as a whole, and the black mesh lining inside can be seen through the side vents. The Kiko Kostadinov logo is displayed on the insole, which is highly recognizable.

Underneath the thick midsole is an outsole from Vibram with a special textured design for extra comfort and traction. Therefore, while these shoes are suitable for matching styles, they can also provide functionality that slippers do not have, which is very suitable for summer travel.

BEAMS and Reebok have cooperated many times in the past, but the most suitable for this summer is undoubtedly the joint version of Club C. The refreshing feeling of the white shoes and the ‘half drag’ appearance give the shoes a brand new look. The appearance also breaks the inherent limitations.

The shoe body is made of pure white leather, and the laceless design makes the shoe body more neat, and the design of removing the heel also highlights the wearer’s leg line. The logos of both sides are low-key located on the tongue part. Except for the conspicuous Reebok words, there is no extra embellishment on the shoe body, which creates a unique sense of simplicity visually.

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According to the BEAMS Head of Purchasing, the core concept of this design is to focus on creating a shoe that is suitable for everyone, while further breaking the gender restrictions.

Therefore, both men and women can control this pair of shoes, coupled with a reasonable market price, this will be a good choice for players who want to change their styles.

From the original Track Sneaker, to later hiking boots, sandals, slippers, Balenciaga brought many innovations to this model.

γ€€γ€€Last year, under the vision of Demna Gvasalia, the pair Track Sneaker It has been transformed into a ‘half drag’ form, which is once again eye-catching.

Track Mule boldly removes the heel wrap in the design, while the Balenciaga embroidery on the toe, size logo, double shoelaces and complex vamp structure all continue the design of Track Sneaker, perfectly in line with various wearing scenarios. demand.

The sole is still presented in Balenciaga’s signature exaggerated shape, allowing for a forward thrust when worn. The shoe also includes a variety of color matching options, which can be very colorful with jeans and loose shorts.

In recent years, New Balance’s crazy joint project has gained many young fans for the brand, and the new model 2002R launched by the brand is also very popular.

In order to meet the summer, New Balance once again improved the 2002R shoes, making it appear as a ‘half drag’ appearance, and also found the joint help of artist Bryant Giles.

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The New Balance 2002R Mule features a laceless design, crafted from a combination of durable canvas, suede, and mesh, and features Bryant Giles’ signature colorful art on the upper. It is worth mentioning that the ‘N’ Logo on the shoe body is designed to be detachable with Velcro, which is quite playable.

New Balance’s classic NERGY sole with ABZORB SBS cushioning completes the ‘half drag’ design. The popular model and the blessing of artistic temperament will undoubtedly make it a matching weapon this summer.

The classic Slip-On of Vans is believed to be familiar to everyone. In the early years, the way GD stepped on the heel also set off a trend.

exist In the latest joint project between A$AP Rocky and Vans, a pair of Slip-Ons with their heels cut off can directly wear the effect of stepping on the heels.

The shoes were originally exposed by A$AP Rocky himself. In addition to the dazzling heelless design, the shoes are printed with popular flame patterns on the inside and outside.He himself also stated,The Vans Slip-On shoe has been completely reinvented.

With the appointment of A$AP Rocky as the art director of Pacsun last year, this pair of shoes has also landed on the Pacsun website for sale, and now it is available at a discounted price, which can be said to be very cost-effective.

A pair of trendy ‘semi-slippers’ combines the attributes of sports shoes with the convenience of slippers, and is undoubtedly the best choice in hot summer. The above shoes hope to provide you with some ideas for wearing them. Of course, there are many similar designs. Friends who want to start may wish to search.

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