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“In Afa there is a woman who organizes private parties”

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“In Afa there is a woman who organizes private parties”

This Monday, Yésica Frías visited the Socios del Espectáculo apartment and told how her divorce process is going with the “Scaloneta” player, Exequiel Palacios.

The footballer’s ex-wife revealed that she is in a legal battle over the separation of assets and that the process is being resolved in German Justice.

After answering the panel’s questions about the details and the relationship with Palacios’ family, the model left a strong revelation that surprised everyone.

While recounting the conflict with which, according to her, she was almost attacked by the player’s father, a panelist commented. “I received information that the family is angry because on the trip to Qatar you traveled first class and sent them on another plane,” she said.

And the media responded: “I know who gave you that information and Fernando (the lawyer) told me that I cannot name her. This woman is a fake and when she can I will give her name. Many women on the national team have to be careful with her,” he said.

“This woman is in Afa and takes great care of the players. When she can, I will give details. She went to a LAM panelist to say many ugly things about me. Mainly that I made a fuss over a baby that wasn’t even a baby when I lost it,” she added.

“Is this the woman from Afa who organizes the parties with the players?” they asked from the panel and Frías responded yes. “These are those parties where you can’t bring cell phones, they bring girls to the players and then this woman becomes friends with their wives,” he added.

“They know who it is and they should be more attentive. One of the parties was in 2021, a girl wrote to me and told me that she was with Exequiel and two other teammates. But the girlfriend of one of them hit him and there were complaints. That never came to light,” she concluded.

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