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In Bergamo and Brescia the “Italian Cultural Presidium” award

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In Bergamo and Brescia the “Italian Cultural Presidium” award

The three days of Italian culture depart from Milan aboard the historic Centoporte train in Bergamo and Brescia, which will see authoritative protagonists from the world of culture, economy and sport. In the two Lombard cities, from Friday 7 to Sunday 9, the annual SEMI event – Stories of Excellence, Merit and Innovation – organized by the Associazione Cultura Italiae will take place.

Each year the association identifies a city where to deliver the award of the title “Presidio Culturale Italiano”, which represents a recognition of the territory and the people who are part of it. This year, during the three days, in the presence of the Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio, the title of “Italian Cultural Presidium” will be conferred on Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo and Emilio Del Bono, mayor of Brescia. The same title will be awarded to the Calvisius company, a Brescia-based company that produces caviar. Finally, the “Presidio Culturale Italiano” award will go to Mrs. Franca Coin.

During the three days, stories of excellence and merit of the country will be told. Among the authoritative guests who will speak there will be Claudio Descalzi, CEO of Eni; the entrepreneur Tommaso Trussardi; the entrepreneur Elisabetta Caltagirone; the CEO of Rai Cinema Paolo del Brocco; the managing director of Nokia Italia Giuseppina Di Foggia and the managing director of Lega Serie A Luigi De Siervo. Not only entrepreneurs, there will also be champions from other sectors such as the sculptor Jago, the starred chef Davide Oldani, the architects Stefano Beori and Italo Rota, the stylist Hicham Benmbarek. Cinema exponents such as actress Monica Guerritore, art director Luca Tommassini and actor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory. For the world of sport there will be Silvia Salis, CONI Vice President, Antonio La Torre, National Technical Director of Athletics and the Olympic champion Filippo Tortu. The Albanian Premier Edi Rama will conclude the work. «Every year the theme of SEMI, on which the Italian culture community is called to debate, has as its claim a reference to current events. Last year in Ravenna, during the dramatic covid crisis, we chose the theme “Italy, painful beauty”. This year we focus on what is happening in the world, using as the title of the event the paraphrase of the famous phrase taken from Dostoevsky’s “Idiot2:“ Culture will save the world ”. A phrase referring to beauty and quoted countless times to such an extent that it has become a banal refrain. We will try to give it new vigor because we are truly convinced that culture will save the world and vice versa ”, declared Angelo Argento, president of cultura Italiae.

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