Home Entertainment In “Descendants of the Sun” and “Tunnel” as a “squad leader” warm role deeply rooted in people’s hearts, actor Nan Wenzhe died of illness-KSD Korean Star (Celebrity)

In “Descendants of the Sun” and “Tunnel” as a “squad leader” warm role deeply rooted in people’s hearts, actor Nan Wenzhe died of illness-KSD Korean Star (Celebrity)

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The actor Nam Wenzhe is a familiar face in Korean drama…RIP

In many Korean movies and TV dramas, Nam Buncheol, the actor who played the role of Luye, issued a statement yesterday. His agency management BK issued a statement saying that Nam Buncheol died of colorectal cancer yesterday morning at the age of 49 (50 years old).

Nan Wenzhe’s management company stated: “The actor Nan Wenzhe died of illness at 6:20 am today (4th). After Nan Wenzhe was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, he continued to fight the disease until he passed away at the age of 50. We will remember The enthusiasm of the deceased’s acting, I hope everyone can pray for the deceased.” And the address of the Nan Wenzhe Memorial Hall was released, saying that the funeral will be held at 6:30 am on the 6th, and the cemetery will be set at the Busan Memorial Park.

Actor Nan Wenzhe (1971~2021), made his debut in the comedy film “Turn on the Lighter” in 2002 when he was in his early thirties. The audience was deeply impressed. The most well-known is the 2016 performance of “Descendants of the Sun” as the role of the “Squad Leader Gao” on the construction site.

In the 6th and 7th episodes of “Descendants of the Sun”, a major earthquake occurred in the Uruk area where the male and female protagonists (played by Song Zhongji and Song Hye Kyo) were on duty, and a certain worker was destroyed by the earthquake. Before and after the earthquake, squad leader Gao was concerned about whether the workers played by Li Yigeng were wearing hard hats, and even gave them to Li Yigeng, putting himself in danger. Squad leader Gao gave his gentleness until the last moment of his life, leaving the chance of survival to other workers.
(Picture: Screenshot of “Descendants of the Sun” @黄VIU)

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In 2017, Nan Wenzhe also played the “squad leader” in another work “Tunnel”. He was the actor (Cui Zhen Hyuk), the squad leader of Wu in the serious crime team he belonged to in 1986. He is the match-making actor and wife (played by Li Shiya) The heart-warming character of the marriage is also a good boss who fights side by side with the male protagonist.
(Picture: Screenshot of “Tunnel” @Naver TV)

In July last year, Nan Wenzhe was significantly thinner at the “Ten Spoons One Rice” press conference. It is reported that he has received treatment for colorectal cancer at this time. In the middle of this year, he played the father of the male protagonist (Jung Yu) in “Not Crazy, Not Crazy, or Love You”, and his face and body have changed even more. Unexpectedly, less than half a year after “Not Crazy, Not Crazy, Do Not Love You”, Nan Wenzhe died of colorectal cancer, which made the audience feel disappointed.
(Map: TV Daily)
(Picture: Screenshot of “Not Crazy, Not Crazy, Do Not Love You” @Netflix)

(Caption: Management BK, screenshots of “Descendants of the Sun” @黄VIU)

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