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In Piovà Massaia a multimedia educational museum

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The Massaia Rain the didactic laboratory for the Monferrato area will open in January. Meanwhile, the project was presented between culture, history and identity. Two rooms that will soon become four on the ground floor of the eighteenth-century municipal building in Piovà Massaia. Leader of the initiative for tourists and students, the Administration, recently reconfirmed with the mayor Antonello Murgiaexcited to see a dream come true. Desiderio supported with 90 thousand euros by the Municipality, Cassa di Risparmio di Asti and Turin Foundations, Ecomuseo Bma and Gal.

The “museum”, rich in relics and objects from the countryside donated by private individuals, is a plunge into virtual experiences to be lived through images, videos, voices, contents, sounds, sensations. “The idea started five years ago – explain Murgia and the deputy mayor Marinella Ferrero – aiming to be a modern reality. Without financial support and without the help of many volunteers such as the Frà Guglielmo Massaia association of Daniela Bongiovanni, the historical support of Paolo Lupo, the designer Marco Maccagno, we could never have created this space. Bringing us into the atmosphere of the museum between past and present is the Capuchin friar, Cardinal Guglielmo Massaia, the most illustrious person from Pioggia. Impersonated by Father Mario Durando of the Order of the Capuchin Friars of Piedmont, he will recount his origins in the hamlet of Braja to take us on the long journey on foot of 30 years to Ethiopia. The eclectic Massaia will be the glue to discover the territory, the social saints, the Romanesque churches, the landscapes and 14 forgotten characters of the Asti area ». A journey in stages thanks to the technology of the Leonardo 3D Metrology company. The goal is to involve the tourist office of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato to reach more and more cultural visitors. The ambition is to enter the Asti Musei network. President Mario Sacco confirmed “the possibility of expanding the circuit to the north of Asti which has what it takes to become a tourist center”.

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The contents may change, in the meantime visitors will immerse themselves in the contents of four panels with the use of the QR Code (from mobile or tablet supplied to the museum). Also, wearing one of the 10 multimedia glasses “hoculos”, sitting on a swivel chair, you will travel in the virtual reality of the five 15-minute videos. You will immerse yourself in the recreated environments of the 1800s, local parishes, the Cinema Piemonte di Piovà from the 1930s to the 1950s ».

Info: www.monferratotour.it

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